Black Vinyl Batch #1: Features


To mark the reissue of the first three Iron Maiden albums on black 180g vinyl, we take a closer look at the early days of Maiden history.

Are you happy with your new 180g vinyl reissues, folks?

It’s been just two years since we got the picture discs, but when it comes to sound – nothing in the world of vinyl beats the heavy black ones. And sound is exactly what we look at in our first Feature Friday article about the history of Iron Maiden. How and why did Maiden struggle to capture their sound on vinyl in the earliest days? We dig into it:

The birth of the Iron Maiden sound, 1980-81.

After finding the sound we know and love, Maiden entered the dawn of their classic era. For the 1982 The Number Of The Beast album they recruited singer Bruce Dickinson, and a year later they added drummer Nicko McBrain to their ranks for Piece Of Mind. Would Maiden ever have become the kings of the 80s and beyond without them? We argue that they wouldn’t:

Dawn of the Classic Era, 1982-83.

Enjoy the features! We’ll soon be back with more, as Iron Maiden end their 2012-14 last hurrah to the 1980s with this fall’s vinyl reissues.


4 thoughts on “Black Vinyl Batch #1: Features

  1. The Killers cover art is noticeably poorer quality than my ’80s Fame issue, this goes for the picture disc too. However, it seems that they actually had to scan an original LP cover for the re-issues, so I guess this explains why!

    • I don’t personally own an original issue vinyl version of Killers, but looking at the cover (both 180g and pic disc) I think I understand what you mean. It might be most noticeable when you look at the title itself. Is this also why there’s a black outline around the illustration, perhaps?

      The other two look great though, I think it’s a flawless reproduction of the Beast artwork.

      • No, the black outline is on the original too. But I agree, the others are great. Only one other point, the re-issue NOTB has the black background, the original has a blue background. Nit picking though!

  2. @Alan: The original Beast‘s blue background was a printing error. The reissue has the correct coloring.

    Thanks for the info about the original Killers! Weird choice, to have a black outline around it…

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