Black Vinyl Batch #2: History Features

powerslave cover art 2

To mark the reissue of the next three 1980s Iron Maiden albums on vinyl, we take a closer look at Maiden’s classic era.

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Maiden’s classic era was in full swing with the release of Piece Of Mind in 1983 and Powerslave in 1984. The line-up of Harris-Murray-Smith-Dickinson-McBrain took the mighty Maiden to the top of the world, culminating with the groundbreaking World Slavery Tour in 1984-85. In Maiden’s rise to the top it’s impossible to overestimate the importance of singer Bruce Dickinson and drummer Nicko McBrain:

Dawn of the Classic Era, 1982-83.

Maiden finally took a few months off in late 1985 as they released their first ever live album, the instant classic Live After Death, one of the ultimate live records of all time. By this point Maiden were seen by many as the reigning kings of metal, the measure of every pretender. A lot of this was due to the work of Maiden’s impressive guitar team, Dave Murray and Adrian Smith:

Classic Era Guitars, 1984-85.

Back in those days, vinyl was the way to experience music. The 1980s Maiden albums have now been recreated as first-rate 180g black vinyl, which should give the vinyl enthusiast the best possible experience. How do you think they’re sounding?


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