Black Vinyl Batch #3: Features


The reissues of the last two 1980s Iron Maiden classics on black vinyl are here. Join us for a closer look at the end of Maiden’s classic era.

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After scaling the ultimate heights in 1984 and 1985 with Powerslave and Live After Death, Iron Maiden faced the daunting task of following up their early and mid 80s. The resulting album was 1986’s Somewhere In Time, but behind the scenes there was drama that very nearly resulted in singer Bruce Dickinson leaving the band:

End of the Classic Era part 1, 1986-87.

Crisis averted, Maiden were again firing on all six as they wrote and recorded the album that would mark the end of their legendary 1980s era – Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son in 1988. Ending the decade on a high, Maiden had become the band to beat, the benchmark by which all pretenders to the metal throne would have to be judged:

End of the Classic Era part 2, 1988-89.

With the 2012-14 Maiden England World Tour and the 2014 vinyl reissues of the 1980s catalog, Iron Maiden have finally come to the end of their retro adventures and are now in the process of completing their new album for a 2015 release.

And here at Maiden Revelations we have just about exhausted our 1980s material. When we pick up the story next time it will be to explore the most controversial decade of the band’s career, the 1990s…


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