Welcome to Maiden Revelations

So here we are with our brand new blog Maiden Revelations.

This is is a place where we will discuss everything concerned with the music, the myth, the legend, the fans, the business and all the mayhem that relates to Iron Maiden – even the sweaty trousers. Yes, that´s the most talented, utterly unique and out most brilliant band that have ever graced this very planet. If you don´t agree, don´t even bother.

We will be taking great pleasure in sharing our nerdy banter, in-depth analysis and more than often, lighthearted fun-stuff that will make your lives even better.

Sometimes we might even talk movies, crime-literature, history, food and what not. We´re sure there will be a link to Iron Maiden somewhere. Now that´s food for thought, ey?

Who we are?

Torgrim Øyre is a metal and rock scribe for Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, previously booking general for the cult metal festival Hole in the Sky, now founder of the even more obscure Beyond the Gates festival, also located in Bergen.

IMOC nick: Totty667

Christer Bakke Andresen is an Assistant Professor of Film Studies, but moonlights as singer and guitarist in the Norwegian metal band Keldian. Way back in the 1980’s Iron Maiden became an obsession for Christer, and it’s not about to stop anytime soon.

IMOC nick: Norwayman

We learn as we go, so please feel free to comment about content and other stuff that might need improvement. Or if you have something you’d like to share or, please let us know.

Hope to meet you somewhere in time between the phantoms of the opera, the ladies in Acacia Avenue, or where the eagles dare and the years that are not wasted. Make sure you run to the hills before it turns 2 minutes to midnigh. Eh… what ever…

Hallowed Be Thy Name and Iron Maiden´s gonna get you!

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