Review: Eddie’s Archive (2002)


Iron Maiden’s first proper box set is a mixed bag, or box, as it should be. It runs the gamut from throwaway B-sides to essential live recordings, and a long lost concert from 1982 is the most precious jewel in the package. When Maiden opened their vault there was much to enjoy. Continue reading

FUN FACTS: The Soundhouse Tapes recorded as a five-piece?

IM Victoria Street, Cambridge December 1978

Iron Maiden outside The Clarendon Arms, December 31st 1978, right next to Spaceward Studios were The Soundhouse Tapes were recorded. From left to right: Paul Di’Anno, Paul Cairns (with his dog, Nelson), Dave Murray, Steve Harris and Doug Sampson. Photo: Spaceward Studios

The official story is that the legendary Spaceward demo was Iron Maiden‘s only recording as a four-piece. Recent information suggest that it isn’t really so.

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