Bruce Dickinson explains the popularity of Run to the Hills at IBM conference

Bruce Dickinson was recently engaged as a motivational keynote speaker at an IBM conference in Stockholm earlier this week. He finished of his speech with explaining why the Iron Maiden song Run to the Hills became a hit single.

– Its all in the rising sixth, Dickinson explains, drawing references to the use of the interval in My Way, recorded by Frank Sinatra.

The song was referred to as the most popular recorded song in the history by a musicologist in a TV show Dickinson watched in his early years. When Iron Maiden grouped to write for The Number of the Beast, Dickinson made use of what he had learned in the song Run to the Hills.



6 thoughts on “Bruce Dickinson explains the popularity of Run to the Hills at IBM conference

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  3. Bruce dickenson song ( Run to the hills ) he is hypocrite, Indians being removed from America by white men. Stop if memory serves me right England for 1000 years have ravaged and stole countries India,Hong gong & South Africa yes they gave back stolen lands not south Africa they still have that. Have you forgot 100 year war with France and making the sons and daughters of Ireland as slaves and killing 10s of thousand Irish people made as slaves or killed, England has to be one of the cruelest country in are history of Earth what they did to Gandhi and pain to India. They took what they wanted all over world. What a hypocrite Mr dickenson is oh bad America did he forgets it was people from England that landed on America first. If anyone knows
    history and has a idea how evil England was to fellow man is just ignorance Mr. DICKERSON write a song how much pain your country has caused to fellow man.
    Dickenson write songs your country caused pain to millions of people oppressed by king

    • Run To The Hills is about European immigrants’ (that includes the British) well-documented mistreatment and genocide of Native Americans. Can’t see how that makes anyone a hypocrite. There are other Maiden songs about other atrocities, including The Clansman about English violent colonization of Scotland.

    • What some people may or may not know, is Mr. Dickinson attended college (and if memory serves me right actually has a degree) in History, so I’m very sure he’s more aware of the atrocities and behaviors of his ancestors.

      Just because someone discusses a subject does not necessarily mean they are an advocate. Racism, misogyny, oppression, war, all the horrors of human behavior have been sung, enacted, and discussed in art, as it is art’s purpose to interpret life experiences through the artist’s perspective, but that doesn’t mean that the artist is its subject’s representative.

      Alice Cooper has been drinking babies’ brains, whipping and torturing, chopping off heads, hanging, and spilling blood all over the stage for decades. But, in real life, the man’s a devout Christian, straight as an arrow, and a Republican for crying out loud!

      So, when Alice gives to charity and opens resource centers for troubled youth, does that make him a hypocrite because he portrays a violent character?

      “Run To The Hills” is an illustration of what happened — in both perspectives, not just one — set to powerful and beautiful music. That’s all. No different than a documentary or textbook. If you really heard the song, you’d understand that, just as millions of other fans do.

      So with this, I can’t understand where you’re coming from. Maiden is no advocate of anything. Mr. Dickinson is no hypocrite. He’s an artist. He’s a well-spoken, well-educated, well-rounded artist doing an amazing job in positively affecting lives around the world and deserves respect.

      • Very well said. Sometimes people misunderstand artistic communication in the most strange ways. I know people who took Avatar (the movie) to be pro-militaristic and fascist.

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