Nicko: Highly likely with more South American dates

In a recent interview conducted by American radio show Spreaker, Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain talks about the upcoming tour, weather or not there will be a new album, and who really wrote Run to the Hills.

Spreaker Web Radio attended a party held at Nicko McBrains’s rib joint Rock ‘N’ Roll Ribs earlier this month. McBrain was their guest during the entire live broadcast. Finishing off the show, Nicko was asked what is next for Iron Maiden and if there is a new album coming.

– No, no, no. New music – maybe, maybe. We discussed it many years ago, well I say many, two or three years ago we rehearsed in Paris before we went out on The Final Frontier Tour and we discussed doing one more album. We don’t know when, but yes, we have talked about it, but we’re not sure one hundred percent whether we will.

Nicko continued talking about the forthcoming tour next year, including possible dates in South America.

– We announced last night that we’re playing the last night of Rock in Rio in September next year, so we’re gonna be doing, I’d say more than likely – I don’t know if there will be a full tour in South America, but I should imagine there would be a couple of shows.

In the over two hour long broadcast, Nicko also revealed that Bruce Dickinson was the one who wrote the seminal Maiden hit single Run to the Hills in 1982, but that he couldn’t take credit for it due to publishing contract issues with his former band Samson.

There are also loads of funny stories, including Nicko recounting his classic fuck-up in Flight of Icarus when the band were recording their Live After Death album at Hammersmith Odeon in 1984. It’s hilarious stuff!

Listen to the show here.

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