Nicko Speaks: Ward and Lombardo


Nicko has spoken on the issue of legendary drummers falling out with their bands, among other things.

The Broward Palm Beach New Times carries a new interview with Nicko McBrain, where our favorite drummer talks about many issues including drummers Dave Lombardo and Bill Ward finding themselves out of Slayer and Black Sabbath respectively.

The journalist asks Nicko to weigh in on the Ward and Lombardo issues, and Nick says: “I was actually with Dave a couple of weeks ago in LA and he didn’t say anything. I don’t know much about the story, I take it there’s trouble in the Slayer camp?”

Needless to say, Lombardo being ousted from Slayer on the eve of their Australian tour came as a bit of a shock to metal fans. Nicko feels bad about it, and reasons: “There’s great drummers out there, but Dave Lombardo is a master with it, and Dave is… to me, he IS Slayer with Kerry and the guys! I think Kerry really may have overreacted and might be regretting it. I hope that that’s the case and they can sit down and sort it out.”

According to Lombardo himself, he was fired for asking too many questions about the band’s financial situation, and (according to him) why other people than the band get 90% of Slayer’s earnings on tour. Nicko acknowledges that problems of this sort often boils down to royalty checks.

The financial inner workings of Iron Maiden have never blossomed into full-on conflicts, no matter what stories Paul Di’Anno likes to tell at times, and Nicko’s attitude might be representative of the Maiden camp: “If I was entitled to more, I don’t really want to know; I’m happy!”

And oh yeah, there’s a bit about Sharon in there as well.

Check out the interview here!


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