Flash of the blade. Bruce Dickinson fences Olympic silver medal winner in Oslo.

260413 Bruce Dickinson fencing Bartosz Piasecki Oslo Photo Andreas Tylden

Bruce Dickinson fencing Norwegian Olympic silver medal winner Bartosz Piasecki in Oslo. Photo: Andreas Tylden.

Just before the Norwegian fencing championship is about to kick off, Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson popped by to have a go at the, dare I say, much taller Olympic winner Bartosz Piasecki.

Dickinson, now 54, did well during the warm-up sessions, but was thoroughly defeated as soon as the match kicked into gear.

“I had two points in a row,” Dickinson told Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten.

“He’s kick-ass,” his opponent Piasecki added.  “He is short but incredibly fast, that’s his weapon,” the fencing master said about his 170 centimeter tall and slightly older duelist, and added: “He looked like Rocky when he arrived in a brown robe with his fencing kit in a shoulder bag.”

After the match got serious, Piasecki took 5 points on Dickinson. The singer got stuck with 0 points in the final round.

260413 Bruce Dickinson Bartosz Piasecki meeting the press Photo Andreas Tylden

Bartosz Piasecki and Bruce Dickinson meeting the press in Oslo. Photo: Andreas Tylden

“For me fencing is training,” Dickinson told the newspaper. “I gave up competing in tournaments when I was 23, at that point I was ranked number 7 in Britain.”

“I fence because I enjoy it, and the by-product is that I end up getting in reasonably good shape. Actually fencing is very similar to the way I run around on stage. Or maybe I run around on stage like that because I fence. Either way it works for me,” he mused.

Video: Andreas Tylden

9 thoughts on “Flash of the blade. Bruce Dickinson fences Olympic silver medal winner in Oslo.

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  7. Really enjoyed watching this. I fenced Bruce Dickinson about 25 years ago at a tournament in SoCal at CSULB. He had a concert that evening and offered to get our team backstage passes, but alas, my high school coach was not comfortable with voiding our permission slips and taking us all to a concert. Bruce’s hair was a wee bit longer back then also 😎

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