Iron Maiden joined by Ghost, Kvelertak and Sahg in Bergen

koengen_10151913010520685_357521624_nHow about this for a poster? Iron Maiden will be joined by their support regulars Ghost, alongside  Norwegian rockers Kvelertak and Sahg for an epic metal night by the medieval fortress Bergenhus Festning at Koengen in Bergen.

Needless to say, Saturday the 28th of June will be one for the history books. No point in hiding the fact that we are slightly biased here, but the 2010 gig in Bergen proved to be an ideal arena for Maiden. The atmosphere were absolutely electric throughout. We expect nothing less this time.

Most of you are familiar with both Ghost and Kvelertak, but here’s a couple of videos to wet your appetite.

Ghost performing Ritual “unmasked” in the studio.

Kvelertak – Kvelertak

For those of you that are not familiar with the opening band, Sahg. Here is a quick run through their four albums. Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Iron Maiden joined by Ghost, Kvelertak and Sahg in Bergen

  1. You know, as these dates keep getting announced, I’m getting the feeling that in America, 2014 is going to be “Scream for me, living room!” :\

    • Well, there’s never been any indication that 2014 would see American dates, so that hope should probably have been abandoned long ago. But of course, North America has already seen two legs of the Maiden England tour.

  2. My dearest, beloved Christer (whom I have missed!) I say this with every ounce of goodness I muster and a light heart: You keep bringing that up! As if two legs of a tour could make up for the lack of amazing festivals, the second-best in merchandise (unless we want to pay through the nose for shipping), and okay to fairly decent opening acts.

    Now, granted, I do not blame Maiden for this. A lot of our problems are due to how the American music industry handles its business. There are very good reasons why Rammstein hates playing in the states, which is usually why we really don’t get the phenomenal shows Europe enjoys. That’s our fault. But, everything else, it would be silly to think that Maiden or any other band would not favor their home…

    As for the corpse on a horse galloping in the US, no, I’m not getting my hopes up. But, I am incredibly grateful for YouTube and Maiden Revelations.


    • Well, I keep bringing it up because you keep asking for 2014 US dates. 😉 No worries, I understand what you mean.

      But Maiden not playing the States this year probably has little to do with the American industry. Maiden playing the States 3 times on one tour would be overexposing, from their own business viewpoint. And then, if two legs don’t make up for below-par opening acts … I’m sure people on certain continents with no Maiden England legs would disagree strongly with that. 😀

      But of course you wouldn’t be much of a hardcore Maiden fan, Ms. Ray, if you didn’t always hope for gigs in your own country. 😉

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