Maiden Revelations in Barcelona and Bilbao – LIVE UPDATE!


Follow this LIVE UPDATE to join in on the all the Iron Maiden fun that’s going on in Spain during the opening shows of the Maiden England Tour 2014. Get the setlist, photos and other useful information from inside the venues in Barcelona and Bilbao, as it happens!

This article will be updated throughout the day in Barcelona, Tuesday May 27 – vorspiel, fans, venue, merchandise, all you need to know, just scroll down. And most importantly – we’ll give you a song-by-song firsthand experience of the show as it unfolds. Get live updates of the setlist changes and other changes that might occur; Eddies, backdrops, hairstyles, and whatnot.

We will also do a live update from the second night of the tour in Bilbao, Thursday May 29. Will any changes be made to the setlist? Song substitution or shuffling of the running order? Has Dave Murray gotten a buzz cut? Scroll down to find out!

HERE’S what we expected from the final Maiden England leg before the tour kicked off! What did we hit, and what did we miss? It follows below…

Iron Maiden are scheduled to hit the stage at 20:30 local time (8:30pm), UTC 18:30 (6:30 pm).Β Figure out your time zone!

Bookmark this page and hit refresh often! And do take part in the no doubt heated discussion in the comments section at the bottom of the page, where you can have your say about the events!

Let’s rock, here’s the feed:

(All entries in Bilbao local time, which is UTC+2)

10:20 pmThe show is over! Thank you all for following these live feeds from Spain! You can scroll down for the Bilbao set and comments, and further down for the ditto Barcelona. Good night, people!

8:35 pm – Lights out! Intro starts!

“Seven deadly sins…” Here we go:

Nostalgia: Seventh Son was the first Maiden record Christer bought, having borrowed Live After Death from a friend. Moonchild negotiated its way out of his grandparents’ antique stereo system, and his world would never be the same.

Bruce fell flat on his ass when he made his intro jump! And the sound in the arena is beyond terrible…

Like so many 80s era classics performed in the reunion era, The Prisoner shows clearly how the more mature and powerful six-piece band can do things that were impossible in the speedy-speedy-speedy 1980s… It has only appeared in three Maiden tours ever: The 1982 Beast On The Road trek, the 1988 Seventh Tour trek, and the current one. (It also appeared on the final four shows of the No Prayer tour in 1991.)

We were in the pit for Barcelona, but have taken a longer view in Bilbao. The atmosphere in the building is awesome, despite the same sound problems that plagued 2013:


The only Maiden tours that didn’t feature this track were the 2003-04 Dance Of Death tour, the 2005 The Early Days tour, the 2010 leg of The Final Frontier, and (ironically) the 1988 Seventh Son tour, which this set is built on, except for a very few shows like Donington.

Bruce says: This is the last tour with this old stuff in focus. But Maiden will be back. “Trust us”, he says!

The sound is getting better.

And the roof is pretty much blown off the building! The singing along induces tinnitus!

This track has only been omitted from one single tour in the band’s history, the 2006 leg for A Matter Of Life And Death. It’s one of the three most played Maiden tracks along with Iron Maiden and Hallowed Be Thy Name.

The sound mix has improved since the start of the gig, but it is still too cold and hard, much like it was for the past couple of years. Many fans miss the warmth of the Doug Hall mixes…


And the floor actually shakes and gives! The best number so far tonight! Kicks ass! Phantom made a welcome return to the set when Bruce and Adrian rejoined in 1999. It appeared again on the 2005 The Early Days tour, which was a complete must. It also featured on the 2009 leg of the Somewhere Back In Time world tour, which was logical given its inclusion on Live After Death. But its presence in the Maiden England set is less logical… Thank God it’s a killer!

Best singalong achievement so far! The Bilbao audience is awesome!

Which works.

The great epic and the band’s awesome performance of it are both let down by a really terrible sound mix… But the audience seems to be having a great time nonetheless, thank goodness.

So, it was not moved to the first half of the set. The only other time this song was performed in the second half was the 2005 The Early Days tour when it followed Revelations and led into Die With Your Boots On.

Does it work? Yes, says Torgrim. Not just well, but brilliantly!

Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-ooooh… The only time ever that this song was dropped was the same 2005 tour that saw Wrathchild in the second half of the set. Fear’s absence was a no-brainer since the set consisted only of material from the first four albums. Since then, however, the song has appeared in 1980s sets where it has no business…

The entire audience is 100% into it 100% of the time. This has been nothing short of an incredible audience performance! And Bruce said earlier that there are 15 000 people in the building.

Torgrim has seen a lot of Maiden shows, but the Bilbao audience tonight might be the loudest and craziest he has ever encountered…

Bruce does it again! Great performance! The band in general seems more energetic at these two shows than earlier on the Maiden England tour. But really, the sound engineer should be fired.

Lives on and oo-o-o-oooon…

That’s it, ladies and gentlemen! Same set, same running order.

Well, here we are. At the end of the History road. At this point, it’s a safe bet that Maiden have done all they ever will do of the 1980s songs in the reunion era. There is no more to come. Except 18 kick-ass shows across Europe, with a regretably poor sound production. Enjoy your show, boys and girls! Celebrate Maiden!

8:30 pmUFO’s Doctor Doctor is rocking the house, boys and girls. You know what that means, don’t you? The people in the arena sure do, and the place goes bananas!

8:26 pmDeep Purple’s Highway Star is playing on the PA.

8.25 pm – The merch is the same as in Barcelona.

8:05 pm – The stage is getting ready for Iron Maiden, and Bilbao are ready to rock:


7:55 pm – Anthrax are closing their set with Antisocial. The venue seems to be rigged for an audience capacity of about 3/4, so it seems Maiden have not come close to selling out in Bilbao…

7:50 pm – Seems we were mistaken about the drummer filling in for Benante in Barcelona. Seems it’s actually John Dette! Sorry!

7:40 pm – Anthrax are performing AC/DC’s TNT. Good old Belladonna completely nails the Bon Scott classic, and the energy in the house is great! The audience is definitely older than last show in Barcelona.

7:30 pm – There’s a problem with the network, but Anthrax is now in the middle of their set! They’ve been doing Madhouse, Got The Time and Indians.

7:22 pm – Our reporter has gone silent, so we’re trying to figure out if there’s a problem with the phone reception in the area.

6:10 pm – Family values:


6:00 pm – Heavy metal parking lot:


5:45 pm – We’re at the arena, Bilbao Exhibition Center, and it’s a work of architectural beauty:


… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

TUESDAY MAY 27 – Showtime!
(All entries in Barcelona local time, which is UTC+2)

10:30 pm – Thank you for following this live feed on Maiden Revelations! We’re saying goodnight now!

10:25 pm – Maiden have left the building, it’s over!

8:40 pm – Same intro as last year!

And then, “Seven deadly sins, seven ways to win” … Hands up who knows what’s coming! Keep refreshing this page to follow the show:

Maiden open with the same song for the third year in a row. Probably not too surprising when it’s still the same tour, but many felt that Aces High could make a return to the opening spot. Guitarists stand out: Adrian nails the solo, and Dave has even shorter hair this year.

It continues like 2013 and 2012.

Well, who’s having deja-vu? Bruce seems to be on top form tonight, and the sound on the floor is very good. It’s rocking! The band seems very focused on not making mistakes, but are still in a very good mood. Dave doesn’t just have short hair, he also RULES on the solo. This is a tune many would have guessed that they dropped, but they kept it!

We start feeling like you won’t believe we’re actually there and not simply typing up last year’s set, so just to prove it:

barca2 barca3

Bruce talks to the audience. Is there something new coming up?

Yes, there’s a change! Since Rod said in the tour announcement that only 1 song from the 90s would make the cut (Fear Of The Dark, we all know), many fans have expected this gem to come back yet again, in place of Afraid To Shoot Strangers. It had a return to the set in 2003, then in 2005, and then in 2008. And you know what? Now, in 2014, it sounds intensely good!

Enough with the changes! Back to the regular set! Bruce is doing very well tonight, carrying the tracks like he always does, and the band sounds on fire behind him.


The quest for more than one change in the two years old setlist continues under this picture:


What’s the conclusion so far? The band delivers like a beast on stage, but they are utter chickens when it comes to compiling their setlist… As we’ve often argued: Iron Maiden’s 1980s catalog offers so much to choose from!

What else is there to do? And Custer Eddie is still there:


Biggest singalong so far! Best audience response in general, actually.

Yes, it’s still here! And it sounds incredible! But now we’re about two thirds into the set, and Maiden have only changed ONE song from the 2012 and 2013 sets – Afraid To Shoot Strangers out and Revelations in. This is still a great set, but there’s no doubt that the band are on their way to setting a rather strange personal record.

As for the centerpiece, this might just be the best version of Seventh Son we have ever heard. And last year was really fucking good!


The second change. Out goes The Clairvoyant, in comes this old rascal. It was last performed on the first leg of the Final Frontier tour in 2010. But has Wrathchild ever been performed this late in a set?

Like you didn’t know already.

Breaking news: Adrian is playing an Ibanez Destroyer, which we don’t think we’ve seen him play since 1982-83!


Any and all Eddies have been kept, there was no Somewhere In Time Eddie in bandages or any other visual changes to the show. This one obviously capped the show:


And that concludes the main set, ladies and gentlemen. The band put in two songs that hadn’t been played for the past two years, and those were probably along the lines that most realistic fans would guess at. We’ll just have to see if there’s another change or two made when the band get to the encores.

It’s a little strange to think that Maiden’s celebrations of their glorious 1980s era are finally coming to an end this summer…

They keep this old Powerslave favorite too. And Bruce does a good job of that insane chorus!


Same procedure, and then…

Third and final change: Running Free is given a much needed rest. Sanctuary has not been performed since the 2009 leg of the Somewhere Back In Time tour.

In truth, the changes that were done made the set even more similar to the 2008 Somewhere Back In Time set, which is what many fans guessed would happen. So now it’s over, you’re probably either furious that it was just about the same set for the third year in a row, or you’re thinking “well, I didn’t expect anything else.” Which one is it?

Our conclusion: An incredible performance, but very dull from an artistic point of view, coming closer to cabaret than we like. The three changes worked very well though, the flow and pace of the set was very good indeed!


8:37 pm – Doctor Doctor! The crowd explodes already!

8:32 pm – Can’t wait! Yu, on the left, owns the No Prayer Eddie:


8:27 pm – Adrian’s guitar is being tested.

8:20 pm – The countdown has begun:


8:10 pm – Stage is cleared for Maiden. Twenty minutes to go! The stage set looks exactly like last year, and the year before, but the air is thick with excitement. They’re almost here! Again!

8:00 pm – The crew has started rigging for Iron Maiden!

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

TUESDAY MAY 27 – Before the show
(All entries in Barcelona local time, which is UTC+2)

7:57 pm – Anthrax leaves the stage. You know what that means, boys and girls!

7:10 pm – Anthrax is on and opens with Caught In A Mosh! And here’s something, Charlie Benante is not on the drums. The great Joey Tempesta is filling in. The band head to 1990 for Got The Time, and the crowd gets into it! Indians brings on the first singalong of the evening.

They do TNT by AC/DC, and Joey Belladonna is delivering a powerhouse vocal performance while the rest of the band seems a little uninterested. Fight ‘Em Till You Can’t is the first new song, and Anthrax seems to be getting through this fairly well.

Joey thanks Maiden and starts I Am The Law.

Anthrax go into Antisocial, and Adrian Smith watches from the side of the stage!


7:05 pm – The arena is getting crowded, and Anthrax are due on stage in just a few minutes.

7:00 pm – The merch stand! There is no event shirt for the Spain gigs, surely a disappointment to many. Also, no tour book or posters. Here’s what you can spend your money to get:

barcelona2014merch4 barcelona2014merch5

6:00 pm – Doors are open at Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, and these fans are getting ready for a night to remember:


5:15 pmEn Vivo! is playing on the big screens at Hell Awaits. People are getting anxious for the gig now, and we’ll soon be on our way to the Palau Sant Jordi!

4:30 pm – They serve Trooper at Hell Awaits. Of course.


4:15 pm – The meet-up at Hell Awaits is in full swing. Eddie has also arrived in Barcelona, chained up and pissed off:

Eddie's chained up and pissed off.


The great day is here! It is ON! Torgrim (right) and friends rejoice.

4:00 pm – There’s a lot of talk and rumors about the setlist in Barcelona today. Maiden Revelations try to stay clear of it, sustaining whatever surprises might be in store for tonight.

1:30 pm – Getting the tickets and checking out the venue, Palau Sant Jordi. The Catalonia weather is celebrating the start of the tour:


1:00 pm – The eagle has landed! Maiden Revelations is ready for action in Barcelona, and here’s proof:


On our way to the opening of the tour!

11:30 am – Here’s a pic of the Maiden stage, set up at the Palau Sant Jordi, from the venue’s official Facebook page. Thanks to IMOC member Mirko_Metal_88 for pointing it out! As you can see, the basic set-up is identical with last year:


The stage set is ready for action in Barcelona.

8:30 am – Maiden Revelations’ flight is soon heading out of Oslo. Stay tuned for updates as the opening day of the tour gets underway…

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …


Tuesday is a big day for all Iron Maiden maniacs out there. The Maiden England World Tour will resume for a final leg across Europe. We know it’s the last ever tour based on the 1980s. AND, we know Maiden will play a revamped set, not the same as in 2012-13. Naturally the excitement level is tremendous (we’re shaking with adrenalin!), and needless to say – Maiden Revelations will be present at both Spanish shows to give our readers a full report.

Torgrim will be in the venue and Christer will edit and publish all the info here as we go.

While we’re waiting for Tuesday, here is an article we wrote a while back on what we think we can expect from the 2014 edition of the Maiden England World Tour. Enjoy and speak soon!

127 thoughts on “Maiden Revelations in Barcelona and Bilbao – LIVE UPDATE!

  1. My city (Melbourne, Australia) is UTC+10:00 and is currently in standard time, not daylight saving time. Barcelona, assuming it is in standard time and not DST is 9 hours behind Melbourne (i.e. it is UTC+01:00).

    I’ll probably be at work at the time it’s being streamed live, but will eagerly watch its appearance on YouTube πŸ™‚

    The appearance or absence of Infinite Dreams and Hallowed could either vindicate or disprove the theories as to whether or not their absence in 2012/13 was due to Bruce’s voice. We shall see! Either way, the songs Bruce did sing over the past couple of years, he sang well, so any set list change should be a good change πŸ™‚

    • Lucas, it’s not a live stream, it’s a live update, which means setlist info, pics, production info, etc. We obviously don’t have rights to stream Maiden live. πŸ™‚ (Sorry if the “feed” in the headline was confusing, we’ve changed it!)

      • Sorry Christer, my bad, I should have read the post properly. Our Mobile bandwidth in Australia is a little substandard compared to the rest of the world. I had kind of envisaged someone setting their Smartphone camera to record, but having mobile bandwidth (and a data allowance) great enough that they could not only film the show on their camera, but also have an app that would allow for a smart phone quality live stream. By smart phone quality, I was thinking exactly that, i.e. nothing like the HD quality of Rock in Rio 2013 that’s made its way to YouTube (although hopefully professional footage of Sonisphere of Rock in Rio quality will find its way to YouTube πŸ˜€ ).

        If the technology was capable, I’d say go for it! Last time I checked it was Nicko McBrain who played drums in Maiden, not Lars Ulrich πŸ˜›

        Looking back, that’s probably unrealistic for numerous reasons, even if mobile bandwidth and data allowances are more generous in Europe than they are down under!

      • Rock Im Park and possibly Rock Am Ring have live streams, so if Maiden agrees to it we may get some high-quality boots from those shows.

  2. Will be really interesting to check the first show and it’s setlist, then maybe the next one will have the proper setlist that will continue to be the tour one. As they have previously changed a bit, took 1 song out from the setlist (cant recall exact tour where this happened but atlest 1999 Ed Hunter SIASL was played 5 times and 2005 Eddie Rips Up CTH was played 2 times or so, 2011 where DOD and Pashendale were changed around).

    Now that they dont have show here in Finland, I might even get flight and hotel from somewhere else and go to show if they do play “Infinite Dreams”, I seriously doubt that since they have been steered clear from that song previously on the history tours.

    I suppose I have to soon register here and start posting more…

    • Show starts at 20:30 (8:30 pm) local time, which is UTC 18:30 (6:30 pm). So you’ll have to figure out your time zone from there. πŸ™‚

  3. This live feed is a great idea for us Maiden nerds, but I hope you get to enjoy the show too! If you get to the third song and then can’t stand still anymore and charge to the front, we’d understand!

  4. AAAH, I’m so excited, and it’s just now time for bed here in the US! I can’t decide whether or not to peek tomorrow, or wait until I find a live stream bootleg in a couple weeks. Either way, I’ll be at work when the show is happening so my access to this page may be… limited. Have fun Torgrim and Christer! Cheers! πŸ™‚

  5. @Ghost: Haha, you’re the craziest Maiden fan I know, in your own way. πŸ˜€ Not even mixing up Trooper-themed Eddies gets past you. Well then, they’re doing Running Free??? Shock!!! Or whatever else they use it for. πŸ˜‰

  6. Do we think the merch reflects the setlist? So, Aces High is still in, and something off Killers (I would guess Wrathchild, the safe, overplayed choice, rather than Killers itself)?

    Ah, just seen the Tailgunner T! I guess that answers my question!

    • Yeah, that’s a positive surprise for me. But so far, only Revelations in place of Afraid. The rest is exactly like it has been for the past three years of touring…

  7. Well, realisticaly, the boys never take chances with their setlists so I’m not at all surprised that the show is almost identical. The most I can hope for is “Infinite dreams” but after “Revelations” made it in the set already, it seems unlikely. Oh, and “Hallowed…” please. It’s kinda strange without it! I’m glad Bruce is on top form and … DAVEY HAS EVEN SHORTER HAIR??? Aaah, the horror!

  8. So far the change(s) have been a bit disappointing; nothing against Revelations (killer tune, especially live), but it’s been already played on previous tours whereas Afraid to Shoot Strangers was the most surprising cut since Lord of The Flies on Death on the Road tour…C’mon; give us Infinite Dreams or Children of the Damned!

  9. Thank you so much for this live feed. I feel like I’m there and it means a world.
    And Revelations made it in, I’m happy πŸ™‚

  10. Lazy setlist from an awesome band. They must realise they’ve got more than the same 17 or 18 killer songs?!

  11. Surprised again by Aces High staying in, I had a feeling Powerslave might pop in pre-encores. But I’d just about rather be singing along to Sanctuary at Knebworth than Running Free AGAIN!

  12. Sanctuary is a nice change from Running Free. Maybe Wrathchild will be gone by the weekend (ya right).

  13. I’m not upset at all with the setlist. Same setlist is much better than no setlist at all.
    Thank you very much for the updates! It was cool “being there” from the other side of the planet!

    • Upset with the setlist? Then it’s an upsetlist! πŸ˜€

      Well, it’s not really a valid either/or. It’s not like the only alternative to playing the same set for years is to play no set at all. But fair enough! Thanks for the kind words! πŸ™‚

  14. This is a great set of songs and I can’t wait to see Maiden at BrΓ₯valla… songs from Somewhere in time and Killers are underrepresented with only one from each… I would have preferred several songs over Wasted years (The loneliness of the long distance runner for example), and perhaps Another life or Murders in the rue morgue instead of Wrathchild…. but overall I’m happy…

    • Personally I was hoping for Murders In The Rue Morgue somewhere mid-set, including The Ides Of March. Killers and Somewhere In Time are often underrepresented.

      But so is actually Piece Of Mind when you think about it, especially in light of the fact that both Steve and Bruce love that album. The Trooper is the only one that appears regularly. Revelations has now clocked up 4 appearances since the reunion, Die With Your Boots On has 2, and Where Eagles Dare has 1. Zero for Flight Of Icarus is probably one of the most ridiculous statistics of the entire post-reunion period…

      • Yeah, it’s strange that there are not more Piece of mind songs… Steve’s favorite album according to an interview I saw…. I don’t know about you guys, but I really like To tame a land… when was the last time they did that one live? I’ve found youtube clips from ’83 but nothing more recent…

      • I got to see a few snippets of the show and there’s no doubt they’re just as strong as ever, especially Bruce. But, as for the set list, you know, they’re never going to win, no matter what they play. If they stick to the classics, it’s a novelty show. If they don’t, kids are screaming, “What about the classics?!” I truly think, especially at this point in their illustrious career, that they don’t put half as much thought into it as the fans do and just play whatever the hell they want. One of the elements that makes them so great, is that in essence, they’re really not that complicated…

        So, for the most part, they stuck to the formula. Good on them! Whatever squeezes their twinkies. I just can’t wait for a new record. Seriously.

  15. Thanks a lot for the live feed.

    So three changes to the setlist in the end and no ‘Children of the damned’. Personal taste apart (I would have dropped ‘Aces high’ and had ‘Powerslave’ or ‘Hallowed be Thy name’ in instead), that is a rather killer setlist.

    • They can go on playing this same set for the next 10 years and plenty of fans will still be perfectly happy, you know. πŸ˜‰

      Personally I prefer Revelations to Afraid To Shoot Strangers, but it does make the set EVEN MORE similar to 2008… Children Of The Damned instead of Revelations would have taken care of that, but then it would have been just three songs short of completely replicating the 2009 set. Jeez, you can’t always tell that these guys have fifteen albums of songs to choose from, about half of them from the proper period…

      • Well, adding Revelations and dropping The Clairvoyant makes the number of songs that were played in 2008 and also now in 2014 the same, doesn’t it? πŸ˜†

    • It’s a killer setlist indeed, but not for the purpose of a tour still labelled as “Maiden England”. And yes, unfortunately, the smell of cabaret is in the air…

      • Therefore whenever they play oldies we have cabaret, haven’t we? To be fair to the band, they are still playing about 2/3 of the Maiden England setlist, as originally advertised. I do not see this setlist any more cabaret than any other history tour and, let’s face it, they have been introducing more variation to their setlist since they started alternating new album tours and history tours than at any time in their illustrious past.

        That being said, all is subject to improvements. It is a shame that Flight of Icarus and Infinite dreams have not been played live by this line-up of the band.

  16. Well, I managed to keep up at work, though I couldn’t post anything! What fun, great job on the live updates chaps!

    Now, on to the matter at hand… WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING?! Revelations for ATSS? Sure, I can get behind that. But seriously, Sanctuary and Wrathchild for Running Free and The freakin’ Clairvoyant?! You’ve got to be joking.

    This setlist now has 12 songs in common with both legs of Somewhere Back in Time. Smells like cabaret to me…

    • The only thing I’d say in their defence is that I don’t think they’ve done a good job of The Clairvoyant on this tour. It has sounded weak compared to 2008, in my opinion.

  17. The worst part is, from the couple of Youtube clips I’ve seen so far, the band sound tighter (especially Bruce and Nicko) than they have since this tour started 2 years ago! Such a waste 😦

  18. I’d actually prefer no setlist at all this year, if it meant they’d do the right thing and go in the studio.. No one’s getting any younger…

    • They are going in the studio this fall, if I interpret Steve correctly. The alternative to a short summer tour this year was most likely vacation, not studio work.

      And it seems Adrian might get his wish now, that the band hit the studio not too long after getting off the road.

    • Those were my thoughts not too long ago, until I realised that people in Serbia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Norway, etc., also have the right to see them live. As much as I would like a new studio album soon, I expect that fans from those countries would rather wait. πŸ˜‰

      • And the videos begin to upload! Here’s NOTB. Bruce missed the scream…again. *sigh* It’s not really his fault. Unfortunately, it’s one of those iconic moments in song that was crafted in such a way that can either move mountains and raise the dead to dance or make the dead roll over and go, “Oh my god, please man — no, please, stop. Stop!”

  19. @Adam: I can no longer disagree with that point. I can no longer defend Maiden against accusations of cabaret. I think that was also Torgrim’s point at the end of last night (although he obviously must speak for himself), that the performances were incredible but the artistic value much less so.

    @Ghost: You said that “whenever they play oldies we have cabaret, haven’t we?” No, that’s not the case. It’s not about playing old material or not. It’s about what you pick from the catalog and what you don’t. 2005 couldn’t be called cabaret by any means, even if all the songs were old. It was a set full of deep cuts. 2012-14 is a different matter, especially when they carry the tour into its third year.

    (I think it was Maiden themselves who brought up the term “cabaret” at some point when they defended their new stuff, as in “cabaret” meaning just wheeling out the greatest hits on cue. Maybe we should rather say “greatest hits heritage band”, which is what the Maiden England tour casts Maiden as.)

    Bottom line for me: I’m happy to pay for this set, I’ll take Maiden cabaret over most other options, but I can no longer escape the regret of how it could quite easily have been much more, particularly in light of how deliciously great the band SOUNDS, even 15 years after getting back together with Adrian and Bruce.

    Granted, some people didn’t believe they’d take ANY further 80s songs out of retirement after Somewhere Back In Time, but most of us knew that Seventh Son and The Prisoner were highly likely to return.

    Now, at the end of the History tours, we have to face the reality that this great era of the band performance-wise (their absolute performance peak in my opinion) didn’t give proper room for Killers, 22 Acacia Avenue or Children Of The Damned … And no room at all for Flight Of Icarus, Stranger In A Strange Land (yeah, I’m not counting those 5 gigs in 1999) or Infinite Dreams. There are also deeper and less likely cuts like Still Life and Sea Of Madness that could have surprised the masses with newfound power and maturity.

    In Bergen, I’ll focus on the joy of getting to see these one more time: Moonchild, The Prisoner, Revelations, Phantom Of The Opera, Wasted Years and Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son. It’s gonna be a good night, no doubt.

    • This was definitely a disappointing setlist, and the last ten years have now focused more on ‘shallow cut’ ’80s hits, than new material or deep cuts. So yes, this tour is cabaret. But if (IF) the forthcoming album produces a thorough world tour, focusing on new material, post-reunion stuff and maybe a deep cut or two, then the band will, IMO, gain back a lot of the artistic credibility they’re losing this summer.

      Also, it’s worth thinking about the setlists, and recording productivity, of some of Maiden’s peers. Metallica have produced some dross and are touring greatest hits and fan-voted sets. Priest rely heavily on old stuff whilst being, IMO, more adventurous on record. Sabbath the same. And so on.

      The sad thing is that I, like many on here, consider that this line-up has been performing far better than during the ’80s, and has been producing albums that are easily comparable with the ’80s ones.

      • The great deep cut-ish things about this tour: Opening the show with Moonchild, playing The Prisoner and Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son for the first time since 1988, both of the big Eddies, the awesome use of pyro. Afraid To Shoot Strangers was also performed for the first time since 1998, but that song has nothing to do with the tour’s concept. They had intended to do Infinite Dreams in that spot, which would have been very different.

        It’s not that they completely miss their own point. It’s just that they don’t follow through the way they followed through with The Early Days in 2005 and Somewhere Back In Time in 2008. The only offensive thing about the latter was including Fear Of The Dark in the set.

    • @Christer: for me cabaret is what some old bands are doing by churning out the same old songs irrespective of releasing a new album or not. Maiden alternate tours full of oldies with tours featuring mostly new stuff, which is something to applaud (so many bands could learn from them).

      I agree the 2005 tour was the one featuring the most number of relatively obscure tracks. I must say that, although I really enjoyed gems like ‘Remember tomorrow’ and ‘Where eagles dare’, playing lesser tracks like ‘Another life’ or ‘Drifter’ when they could have played ‘Flight of Icarus’, ‘To tame a land’, ‘Children of the damned’, ‘The prisoner’ or ‘Still life’, to name five tracks that I think are miles better, left me baffled.

      Carrying the Maiden England tour into a third year was, in my humble opinion, unnecessary (we want a new album), but probably deserved by so many fans who did not get a chance to see the show last year (fans from Norway, Hungary, Serbia…).

  20. Hey Christer maybe Blaze will play an older Maiden song or two at the after party in Bergen? (probably not but)

    • Maybe! But I don’t think I’ll want to see Blaze right after having seen the mighty Maiden. πŸ˜‰

      • Hey, there is nothing wrong with Blaze. His salo stuff is among the Best metalli done in the 21st century. Promise and Terror is One of the Best EVER albums that I have ever heard… And what i really like about Blaze is the fact that he’s always so passionate and honest in His performances

  21. Considering that Maiden toured at all this summer and didn’t take a break like they are wont to, I think I’m glad whatever they play. After all, it’s such a short tour that we can’t expect them to change their basic production (stage show, Eddie) or include many different songs. Sure, they could be a bit more adventurous instead of playing it safe – safe doesn’t become them- and yes, this particular History tour now seems to have gone on forever by now but by this time next year, as Steve hinted, we’ll have the much awaited new record and tour.

  22. Two different issues, my point of view, long version:

    1 – The setlist. My take on this is the same as it was two years ago. It’s a few songs short of doing justice to the Maiden England late 80s concept. This is a really redundant point, I’m a broken record, but something like Infinite Dreams (at the cost of Afraid/Revelations) and Killers (at the cost of Run To The Hills) would have gone pretty far in balancing things out. πŸ™‚

    No one can explain away the strangeness of touring a late 80s Maiden England concept and including Phantom Of The Opera, Aces High, 2 Minutes To Midnight and Afraid To Shoot Strangers in the set, while omitting Infinite Dreams, Killers, Still Life, Die With Your Boots On, or even Stranger In A Strange Land and Heaven Can Wait (both of which actually ARE late 80s songs). Other spots in the set where occupied by The Trooper, Run To The Hills, Fear Of The Dark and Running Free, none of which had anything to do with the original Maiden England video, but all of which figure regularly in any Maiden set.

    It’s not an appealing notion to me that regular or semi-regular tracks at the very fringes of the Maiden England concept, like Run To The Hills or Running Free, should be counted as contributing to “a Maiden England focus”.

    To be clear, this set is very good, but it’s a frustrating few notches from matching the previous two History tours’ inventiveness. It’s not like Maiden couldn’t have pulled this off. And it’s not like more casual fans would have “suffered” through a couple of less well known songs. Just check out how the crowd “suffers” through Where Eagles Dare and Remember Tomorrow in videos from the 2005 tour… πŸ˜‰

    2 – Cabaret. The set only going through three changes in the course of 2012, 2013 and 2014. Now here’s where I can’t defend them. Some of you can, I can’t. Particularly not when the changes are so safe-playing and not in the realm of the Maiden England concept.

    This doesn’t mean the set isn’t good. It means that Maiden are becoming hypocrites because they refuse to be labelled human jukeboxes. Well, by the end of this tour they pretty much are. A safe-playing human jukebox. A great jukebox, but they should no longer deny this. It’s getting to be as lame as Steve denying that there are studio overdubs on Live After Death.

    It’s a good set! There can be no reasonable doubt about that. But I don’t fall for all the apologetic “we should just be thankful they’re playing at all” nonsense. Of course I am thankful that Iron Maiden are still around! Don’t anyone try to straw man me! πŸ˜‰ I simply hold Maiden to a much higher standard than “it’s OK if they just play whatever.” If I didn’t think they could do even better, I wouldn’t agonize over it. It’s just that I’m absolutely convinced they could do even better!

    And yes, I believe they CAN please everyone! If we just put aside those who moan about not getting Alexander The Great or Mother Russia or other completely impossible things. Sure somebody will complain whatever they do or don’t, but that does not negate the validity of the criticism I outline here. You all know what I mean, Maiden are capable of realistic greatness. The 2008 Somewhere Back In Time set pleased everyone, I dare say, with the exception of Fear Of The Dark being included in an 80s set, but that was a relatively minor complaint.

    In truth, the Maiden England setlist has been from the very start what the 2014 changes were touted as making it – a general 1980s best-of package.

    My basic point: They took their foot off the gas after the 2010 tour, in terms of being inventive with their setlists. You all know I’m not one of those who argue that they should mix up songs from night to night, I’ve always been fine with them sticking to one set throughout one leg of a tour. But their sets in each of the 2011-2014 treks have been safe-playing and unchanging in a way they weren’t in the 1999-2010 period. I think that argument has a pretty solid empirical basis. πŸ™‚

    • Although you make some valid points, from the early 80s this year they are basically doing what Rod said they were going to do: an 80s set with one song from the 90s. πŸ˜‰

      I am really looking forward to the next album and the corresponding setlist. πŸ™‚

      • Yeah, I couldn’t criticise the 2014 set for being broad 80s, since it’s been sold as exactly that. My point is that the 2012 and 2013 sets already were broad, and in my opinion those should have been much more focused on the late 80s and Maiden England to plug some of the History holes.

        I’m looking forward to a new album, but it ‘s probably a safe bet that the other half of the next set will consist of half of this year’s set. πŸ˜‰

      • Yeah, like it has always been since the 80s. πŸ˜†

        I agree that they probably should have played some other songs in 2012-2013 to make it more late 80s (not ‘Aces High’, ‘Afraid to shoot strangers’ or ‘Fear of the dark’), but ‘Phantom of the opera’ was a live staple for most of that decade. True, it was rarely played on the World Slavery tour and was definitely dropped in 1988, but it used to be a highlight of their live shows. Anyway, in my humble opinion the only glaring omission was ‘Infinite dreams’. ‘Still life’ would have been a nice obscure choice (it was obscure in 1988!) too.

        I can happily live without hearing them play ‘Killers’ live again though. I have never been a fan of that album (it will always be “Fillers” for me πŸ˜† ).

  23. As some know, I made a couple of set list predictions for the fun of predicting. Given Bruce’s voice, my prediction of the 2014 set list including Infinite Dreams and Hallowed was unrealistic.

    At least I was in the mosh pit when they headlined Soundwave in 2011 in Melbourne, so I saw them in what might be the last ever calendar year that they perform Hallowed. Everyone’s taste is different, I know some say that the thought the 2010 Final Frontier leg was better than 2011. I personally disagree, as much as I love Benjamin Breeg, Brave New World and No More Lies, I would’ve been disappointed seeing Maiden in the flesh for the first time without seein them play The Trooper, 2 Minutes to Midnight and The Evil That Men Do, all of which I got to see in 2011. And at least performing 5 songs from Final Frontier warranted the tours namesake, I found it a little weird that they called 2010 the Final Frontier Tour even though the only FF song was El Dorado (2010 was more like a 2000’s song themed version of Give Ee Ed til I’m Dead with El Dorado being it’s equivalent of Wildest Dreams).

    Going back to 2014’s Maiden England, I love Revelations, Wrathchild and Sanctuary and as unrealistic as my ideal setlists were of the two I floated, I got a couple of things right in the first one I floated (i.e. The dropping of The Clairvoyant and the encore ending in Sanctuary) or at least two predictions that weren’t already painstakingly obvious (e.g. dropping of AfraidTSS).

    We all know a 90’s themed tour isn’t going to happen, but a semi-realistic happy-medium would be a new album tour, with a similar set list to the Brave New World tour or another non album tour similar to Give Me Ed til I’m Dead, with one or two 90’s songs aside from FOTD in the pot!

    If in 2015, they tour for their 16th album & have 16 songs in their setlist, my ideal choosing would be:

    3 or 4 songs from the new album
    Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
    The Sign of the Cross
    (Insert another 2000’s song here if there’s only 3 new songs, not 4)
    Fear of the Dark
    9 X 80’s songs

    Not in that exact order obviously, but the above in the pot would be my ideal set list mix for a new album tour, nine 80’s songs would leave room for rare gems, even though they haven’t performed that many recently outside of history tours, but even if only 7 X 80’s songs like in 2011, with another 2 rare gems from the 90’s or 2000’s, that would still work!

  24. As during the opening show – awesome to follow this in real time far away from Bilbao…. thank you guys! Just one thing – Thursday May 28 at be beginning of the feed should be 29 πŸ™‚

  25. Speaking of nostalgia… I was about to turn 8 when I heard The number of the beast on the radio for the first time in 1982… I doubled my LP collection with that album (first one; Lick it up by Kiss)… in school the teacher arranged a music class where every kid got to play a song, and there was a vote of the best song at the end…. among all the children’s songs I shocked the audience and played The prisoner, and won the vote πŸ™‚ I’m very happy that both 666 and the prisoner is in the 2014 setlist…

  26. Christer, viewing alone all of the history setlists (ignoring the tour meaning), which one did you like most?

    • I think I’d say Somewhere Back In Time 2008, except the inclusion of Fear Of The Dark. What’s your favorite?

      • Same here. Love the 2008 setlist. Even the inclusion of Fear of the Dark didn’t bothered me at all

  27. @Ghost: I think Phantom sounds and looks incredible on this tour, and it’s rare enough for me to be fine with its inclusion. The trouble is spending “late 80s” and “Maiden England” setlist space on 2 Minutes To Midnight, Afraid To Shoot Strangers, Run To The Hills, Fear Of The Dark, Aces High and Running Free, in my opinion.

    Btw, if anyone thinks I’m a miserable sod, I have to add to my above essay that there’s no doubt I would have killed for this setlist and line-up back in 1998. I certainly know what it really means to be in distress, and the Maiden England tour ain’t it! But of course Maiden have upped their game many times over since 1998 and expectations follow. My expectations for this tour, prior to its start, were not at all unreasonable. πŸ™‚

    • ‘2 minutes to midnight’ was played at many dates in 1988 (if I remember correctly, it was dropped in mid September), whilst ‘Run to the hills’ and ‘Running free’ were played at all dates in that tour. πŸ˜‰

      I agree that ‘Fear of the dark’, ‘Afraid to shoot strangers’ and ‘Aces high’ had nothing to do with the original concept. ‘Afraid to shoot strangers’ was a nice surprise though.

      • “’2 minutes to midnight’ was played at many dates in 1988 (if I remember correctly, it was dropped in mid September), whilst β€˜Run to the hills’ and β€˜Running free’ were played at all dates in that tour.” You know, like Adam said once, much shorter and more elegant than my overlong arguments: the tour is called Maiden England, not the Seventh Tour of a Seventh Tour AGAIN Tour. πŸ˜‰

        (Btw, I think you’re wrong that 2 Minutes was in the set from May to September 1988. I think it was included on only a handful of occasions. Correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway, it’s got nothing to do with either Maiden England or the late 1980s.)

        Sorry mate, but I find that you’re sometimes reaching really hard to defend this set’s low rarity factor. Phantom was in most 1980s sets… Okay. 2 Minutes was played in a handful of 1988 shows… Okay. Running Free and Run To The Hills are actually in the DVD version of the Maiden England video… Again, okay. πŸ™‚

        Glad you’re at least willing to grant that Fear Of The Dark, Afraid To Shoot Strangers and Aces High had fuck-all to do in this set. I guess we can make some kind of peace there. πŸ˜€

      • You’ll have to blame Rod for that name! πŸ˜†

        I seem to remember Steve mentioning in the first IMTV episode from 2012 that they were trying to recreate the late 80s “Seventh son of a seventh son” era (I might be mistaken though).

        Judging from bootlegs, ‘2 minutes to midnight’ was played at ALL shows of the tour (usually as second encore) before the Spanish gigs in September 1988 when they dropped the song. πŸ˜‰

  28. @Ghost: You wrote that “for me cabaret is what some old bands are doing by churning out the same old songs irrespective of releasing a new album or not.” I agree with that. But three years of a greatest hits package (which, let’s face it, is what Maiden England is) makes it hard to argue against Maiden having become cabaret-ish these past few years.

    Doesn’t mean that Maiden sit in the same category as the Rolling Stones (or even Metallica, I’d argue), but still. Had the Maiden England set been heavier on rarities, it would have been much easier to defend it.

    • I would not call it cabaret-ish when gems like ‘Moonchild’, ‘Revelations’, ‘The prisoner’, ‘Phantom of the opera’ or ‘Seventh son of a seventh son’ (hardly what American radio would play) are being played. They are certainly not in the same league of Judas Priest, Ac-Dc, Status Quo and many other classic bands. πŸ˜‰

      Could they improve things by being more adventurous some times? Of course they can, but history tells us that they have been much more adventurous with their setlist since 1999 than at many points in the past before the reunion.

      I guess we will have to agree to disagree. πŸ˜‰

      • Sure we can! πŸ™‚

        I know full well that they have been more adventurous after the reunion than before it, that’s not part of the argument. I’m talking about the period 2011-14 here. I don’t really see where you disagree with me about the points I outlined above, to be honest. πŸ™‚

        Except that you’re defending the lack of rarities and I’m not, of course. I guess that’s where we part. πŸ˜‰

  29. Well, if the rarity is going to be a turd like ‘Another life’ or ‘Charlotte the harlot’, I’d rather have an overplayed hit! πŸ˜†

    Jokes aside, it is a shame that they missed the opportunities to play ‘Flight of Icarus’ and ‘Infinite dreams’ in these history tours 😦 At least I can die a happy man after having seen Bruce, Adrian, The Tribe of Gypsies play the former live in 1997. πŸ™‚

    • I got to witness the same greatness in 1998. That was a bit of a “my God!” after having seen Maiden throughout the 90s… No wonder it took a matter of weeks for them to be back in the band. πŸ™‚

      I was sorry to hear that they dropped Charlotte for Wratchchild in 2005, but after seeing videos I fully understand. It. Did. Not. Work.

      • I quite enjoyed the first Maiden show I saw in 1996. Seeing them again 1998 after having seen Bruce, Adrian, and The Tribe of Gypsies live the year before made me realise that things were going downhill really fast in the Maiden camp… Thankfully, things changed on 10th February 1999. πŸ™‚

      • ‘Charlotte the harlot’ might be one of the most ridiculous things they have ever recorded. Really tacky. A mate had a chat with Bruce in 2005 about the song after it had been dropped and he got the feeling that Bruce felt the lyrics were ludicrous…

  30. @Ghost: What’s your take on the Infinite Dreams omission? I’m in two minds about it. On one hand I can’t fathom any other reason than vocals, and it really is a ridiculously difficult song to sing. On the other hand I’m not able to accept that Bruce would throw in the towel.

    • That is an interesting question. It is a really challenging song to sing, but ‘Aces high’ is really tough too and Bruce is pulling it off. I would say that perhaps Steve no longer feels comfortable with that song and Bruce might not be too keen on it either.

      • It was intended to be in the set, so the one thing we know for sure is that it was dropped during rehearsals for one reason or another. I still think vocals is a likely reason, but I can also see Steve going “nah, we need a song where kids can easily clap in unison and go oh-oh-oh-oooooh…” Cue Afraid To Shoot Strangers.

        One of the dangers of dropping great songs from your set for 25 years, I guess…

        And haha, you reacher you. You’re pinning the tour’s Maiden England moniker on Rod as a mistake now? πŸ˜‰

        Should have been the 2012-14 What We Played On Most Parts Of The Seventh Son Tour, Not Really Maiden England, Plus Phantom Of The Opera Because It Was Played On Many Tours In The 1980s World Tour. πŸ˜€

        Sorry, I had to. πŸ˜‰

      • Rod (Yorkshire accent): “Oh, we bloody well need a name for the tour. Maiden England sounds cool”

        Steve and Bruce: “Well, there are some songs on that video that we are not going to play”

        Rod (Yorkshire accent): “Oh, we’ll say you” play 2/3 ot it”

        πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  31. I just want to appreciate the live feed done here and share my critique over the setlist. Why “playing safe” for the most loyal fan base ever?! The band will actually gain more interest from making serious changes in the setlist. Imagine people hearing about it before they go to the show, don’t you think there’s a potential for benefit? Are there any technical difficulties regarding Infinite Dreams and Killers? Why the band can’t play 20 songs instead of the usual 17-18? I guess we won’t know the answers to these questions, ha? 😦

    • At least they did dust off The Prisoner and Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son. That was the minimum for the concept to have credibility. Well, Seventh Son was the minimum I guess, but no Prisoner would have been dire. I’m still hoping for a great Shirley-mixed live recording of these two songs, and Phantom too as it’s not been on a live album/video since 1985.

      • Well, Seventh Son was an obvious song to expect and much welcomed. Also I agree that The Prisoner is a terrific song and gets even better when played live. To me the title of the tour is misleading in this case. This part of the “history” tours is the less credible in comparison with the previous ones (which also lacked a couple of tracks, but were more representative, so to speak). Fans expect a specific setlist when they hear the words “Maiden England”. I wanted to talk about “Only The Good Die Young” as a good closing song (before the encores) but I guess it’s pointless.

  32. @Andy: Check out our recent BEST & WORST feature about the deep Iron Maiden cuts! We dished out some love for that particular gem. πŸ™‚

    Personally, I would have paid silly amounts of money to hear this line-up do Only The Good Die Young and The Duellists, but I realize that’s strictly dream country. πŸ˜‰ I had hoped Infinite Dreams and Flight Of Icarus wouldn’t be though. I really thought those two were obvious. And I know me and Ghost share the pain on that point. πŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend, all of you! It’s been a cool Maiden week, and as always the discussions in here are very enjoyable. πŸ™‚

    • Flight of Icarus should have been played on both Early Days and SBIT.
      Infinite Dreams was a must for this tour, meaning for ME what Powerslave meant for LAD. I really don’t find any reasonable explanation for not playing this magnificent masterpiece on this tour.

    • I enjoyed the discussion as well
      Have a great weekend Chris (and everybody else).
      This place rocks!
      UP THE IRONS πŸ™‚

  33. As I was driving around today, Hallowed Be Thy Name came on the radio (Sirius XM here in Canada). This got me thinking why could Iron Maiden switch up setlists every night? Let’s say they play the token 15 songs every night but 2-3 songs they change up every night (like Running Free one night, the next night Sanctuary as an example). If the issue is Bruce’s voice, then playing Hallowed one night and then the next night something different in its place could that not work?

    I know I know this probably has been discussed ad infinitum, ad nauseum but thought I would bring the topic up.

    Once again thanks for the updates from Spain.

    • I’m not sure the issue is singing Hallowed every gig of a tour. It might be that Bruce decided it’s currently too tough to sing it at all. If they only played Hallowed, I’m sure he could do it, but there’s 16 other songs each night. πŸ™‚

      Too early in the tour to be sure, but it seems to me that Bruce sounds noticably better in Barcelona and Bilbao than he did two years ago. It sounds to me that he is working on altering his technique yet again, like he did in the early 90s and early 2000s. I wouldn’t rule out a return for Hallowed next year.

      • Christer, with you being a singer, I’d love to see you post about Bruce’s vocal techniques in a bit more depth. I get the difference between his ’80s ‘operatic’ sound, and the rougher, more ‘rock’n’roll’ (and American) sound of the early ’90s. How would you say he changed in the early 2000s though? And now?
        Similarly, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the difficulty of singing Infinite Dreams. Is it the lack of space to take a breath? Or is it the pitch? Or something else?

    • I think that they wouldn’t try to change songs each night, because fans would complain that they didn’t get to hear this song that was lengthier, rarest played etc, etc…

      • Also, the backdrops, lighting, crew, etc are all prepared for the given setlist. Maiden are hardly a line-of-Marshalls-and-a-spotlight type of band (at least not since NPFTD!). They are not set up to change setlists around night after night.

  34. On the whole I think Maiden fans have been spoiled rotten in the past 15 years. Four new albums that I personally rate from GOOD to GREAT, and alternating new album tours and history tours. Back in 1998 this only happened in my dreams. Also, as Ghost pointed out above, they’ve been far more inventive with the setlist since the reunion than before it. The number of rare tracks that have returned to the setlist is pretty high. I think some of the omissions are painful, but it could have been much worse.

    Torgrim wrote a great piece in a Norwegian paper this weekend about the dangers of letting the fans decide the setlist, as Metallica are now doing with their By Request concept. In theory it sounds awesome, in practice the set ends up being ALL regulars and greatest hits, as in Oslo tomorrow. No deep cuts.

    It’s fair to assume that stuff like The Prisoner and Where Eagles Dare would never have returned to the Maiden set if the audience voted… I think that bit of perspective is called for.

  35. I agree with the point of not letting the fans decide the setlist (as with Metallica). The fans in Finland did a great job by getting Frayed into the setlist but the rest of the setlists for their By Request Tour are pretty standard. I am seeing Metallica at Rock Werchter and Sonisphere UK but those setlists are pretty much regulars/greatest hits.

  36. If Maiden let the fans (ticket buyers) vote, we’d certainly get: Run To The Hills, Fear Of The Dark, The Trooper, The Number Of The Beast, Hallowed Be Thy Name, 2 Minutes To Midnight… Afraid To Shoot Strangers scores a very high number of Spotify plays, but that only happened after it was returned to the set in 2012. I guess we’d be most likely to get the same set that the band had played on their previous tour… πŸ˜€

      • No chance in hell that Alexander would come into the TOP 16 if ticket holders were voting. πŸ˜‰

      • Would be nice if Caught Somewhere in Time replaced Moonchild, 22 Acavcia Avenue to replace The Prisoner, Infinite Dreams instead of Revelations (vocally could be a problem), Total Eclipse would be a massive surprise in the set (very very unlikely) and Heaven Can Wait or Stranger in a Strange Land instead of The Clairvoyant. I love every song mentioned here, but these would of all have been a long shot. To be fair the setlist is good, but disappointing in some respects :/

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