First news of the year is in: Headphones!


Well, this might not be too exciting, but at least it’s not yet reported by the official site…

Blabbermouth reveals that Iron Maiden have partnered with Onkyo, the sound and video equipment manufacturer, for a project called Maiden Audio. There’s no word on what it will all entail, except that the first product out of the gate will be Maiden headphones.

The venture is being launched at CES in Las Vegas, which ends today, but there is no word from the official Iron Maiden website at this time.


Thanks to Ms. Ray for the heads up!


One thought on “First news of the year is in: Headphones!

  1. It’s cool that they are using (as far as I can see) the original SIT Eddie artwork. Signed up for the mailing list so let’s see what the future brings!

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