New Category: Maiden History


We’ve made a change to the categories on this site, inventing a new one.

Maiden Revelations has been going for more than two years already! In that time we’ve had a bunch of in-depth articles in the Feature Friday and Best & Worst categories, and many of those focus on different parts of Iron Maiden’s history. So we thought it would be good to also have a category called (drum roll…) Maiden History where you can find them all together in a nice little pile.

Not that a review of The Number Of The Beast isn’t about history, but it’s first and most obviously a review. While a Best & Worst discussion about Maiden’s stage productions in the 1980s or a Feature Friday about the making of Somewhere In Time are clearly of a different kind.

(Continues under pic!)


Our discussion about the 80s stage productions can still be found in Best & Worst, but will also pop up in Maiden History.

In the Maiden History category you’ll currently find in-depth discussions that almost exclusively target Maiden’s 1980s era. In the years to come this category will grow, and we’ll move into discussions about the 1990s and beyond as soon as it fits better with the band’s activities, like the future DVD release of Donington Live 1992 and so on.

In other words, if you’re a Maiden nerd and want to read up on Iron Maiden history, this is where you go!

Categories are found in the right margin on the front page!


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