Harris talks THE BOOK OF SOULS

bookofsoulscoverIron Maiden bassist and boss Steve Harris seems to be really excited about the upcoming album.

In a new interview with Kerrang! Harris opens up about Maiden’s new album, The Book Of Souls, which is released on September 4. The issue is out this week, and Classic Rock shares a few quotes.

The album is a double CD, running to over one and a half hours, and Harris states that the record is as ambitious as its running time: “There’s a hell of a lot to take in. I think there’ll be bits and pieces that will hit people initially but I think they’re going to need a few listens.”

He singles out the 18-minute Empire Of The Clouds, a Bruce Dickinson composition that closes the album: “I think it’s a masterpiece, actually – I think I can say that because I didn’t write it! It sounds like Maiden but it’s totally different from what we’ve done before.”

When it comes to going back on tour next year, Harris says that Dickinson’s recent cancer battle has reinforced the notion that nothing can be taken for granted at this point. “We always feel like every show is sacred these days anyway, and I suppose even more so now after the scare with what’s happened with Bruce. It makes everything more important to us. The Book Of Souls is a really powerful album, we’re really proud of it and we can’t wait to come out and play new songs on tour.”

So there you go. It’s about to kick off now…

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3 thoughts on “Harris talks THE BOOK OF SOULS

  1. We are all waiting around the world for another Maiden ass kicking session…love these guys! Been kicking ass since the beginning …maidenUSA! We need our fix!…..Chad from CALIFORNIA.
    ..but cheers to the whole world of Maiden fans!

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