New Single SPEED OF LIGHT On August 14

So Iron Maiden are going to release a single from their upcoming album after all…

As we reported earlier this summer, Maiden will release Speed Of Light as a preview from their new album The Book Of Souls. The track was written by Adrian Smith and Bruce Dickinson, and the above teaser suggests there’s a video coming too. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem like there will be any physical format or B-sides.

The music is the same as it was in the album teaser last week, so now we know this must be a piece of track number two on the album.


3 thoughts on “New Single SPEED OF LIGHT On August 14

    • Yeah, the Best Buy thing… With absolutely no word from the band about it, I’ll wait and see what it actually is when people get it…

  1. I’ve just listen to it and it’s bloody AWESOME! I loved it since the first time, what didn’t happen with El Dorado, for example. In my opinion, that’s maybe the nearest track to Bruce’s solo work Maiden have ever recorded. And the intro is a bit hard rock. Again, sorry about my English and UP THE IRONS from Brazil!

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