MAIDEN REVELATIONS: The Unauthorised History of Iron Maiden

Welcome to Maiden Revelations! This website is dedicated to enthusiastic discussion and analysis of the greatest heavy metal band on the planet: Iron Maiden. Read on for an overview of what this site contains.

For more than ten years, Maiden Revelations has followed Iron Maiden and looked back over their awesome history. Although our site began as a news-oriented blog, the biggest part of Maiden Revelations is articles and reviews that discuss and analyze Iron Maiden’s history and discography in a worshipping yet critical light.

For those of you visiting us with a desktop or laptop computer, you can see a menu bar to the right that will point you to all the different categories of Maiden Revelations. There’s also a bunch of tags there, and further down you can search for whatever Maiden-related term you think we might have covered at some point. If you read this on a mobile device like a phone or a tablet, the following links will help you find the major categories more easily:

MAIDEN HISTORY is a collection of in-depth essays focusing on Iron Maiden’s entire history, year by year. Starting with their early days in 1980-81, and continuing through their massive success in the 1980s, we follow the band into the more challenging 1990s and ultimately to the triumphs of 2000 and beyond. The category is still a work in progress.

REVIEWS is the companion category to Maiden History, where all of Iron Maiden’s catalog is scrutinized, as well as much of their output and touring that has happened in the decade plus that Maiden Revelations has existed. Also, of course, a work in progress that is still expanding regularly.

BEST & WORST is the place where we make our lists of everything and anything Maiden-related that comes to mind. The best Iron Maiden show openers, the best Nicko McBrain live performances, maybe even the worst Maiden trousers will be listed and ranked at some point in the future.

FROM THE VAULT and FUN FACTS are stranger categories, very much aimed at the Maiden nerd, people like us. You’ll find rare interviews and concert performances, as well as seriously obscure facts and figures on topics like Eddie and The Soundhouse Tapes, among other things.

Who are we? Maiden Revelations was launched in 2012 by Torgrim Øyre and Christer Bakke Andresen, life-long Iron Maiden fans from Norway. We welcome you to explore our site and participate in the comments sections if you have an opinion to voice or simply feel like sharing your love for all things Maiden.


5 thoughts on “MAIDEN REVELATIONS: The Unauthorised History of Iron Maiden

  1. I’ve seen many great Maiden forums and communities through the years.
    This wonderful place has become one of my favorites.
    Thanks a lot for the hard work.
    Cheers for the 10th anniversary and for what’s to come.


  2. Love this site! Thanks for all the effort that goes into your highly enjoyable deep-dive reviews, always eager to read your updates. Keep up the great work

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