Happy 60th birthday, Steve Harris!


This guy turns 60 today. Can you believe it? Here is some of Stephen Percy Harris’ achievements over the years. He’s been around! Continue reading


FEATURE FRIDAY: Why 2016 will be one of the most triumphant years in the history of Iron Maiden, and a few good reasons why “The Book of Souls World Tour” is their finest in decades!


Tonight Iron Maiden will play their 3rd concert at Chile‘s National Stadium in Santiago in front of over 50.000 fans. The event is only one of many spectacular highlights the band will deliver this year. Continue reading

LIVE UPDATE: The Book Of Souls World Tour premiere minute by minute!

out eddie_in_progress-3-2

What’s the setlist? How does the new merch look? What are the band wearing? How do they sound? And last but not least – what the f**k is Eddie up to? Find out by following our live updates from the the frontline in Sunrise, Florida! Here is Iron Maiden‘s The Book Of Souls World Tour premiere minute by minute, song by song! #SPOILER Continue reading