Spring speculation: Legacy of the Beast European Tour 2018

legacyHere we go again. Iron Maiden will be back on the road in two months, and Maiden Revelations takes a peek in the crystal ball to see what might be coming our way this time. Continue reading


MAIDEN HISTORY: Into Darkness, 1992-1993


As Iron Maiden struggled to stay on top of their game at the start of the 1990s, they suddenly faced the monumental blow of losing their classic era lead singer. For this chapter of our in-depth series on Iron Maiden History, we dive into Fear Of The Dark and the breaking of another line-up. Continue reading

FEATURE FRIDAY: Iron Maiden, a Band of Brothers


As a traumatic and triumphant 2015 drew to a close, Iron Maiden headed into a properly ambitious 2016 with a renewed sense of comradeship and brotherhood. In this feature we’re going to go all mushy on you about the greatest band in the history of music. No KISS drama, no Sabbath feet-dragging, this is all about how Iron Maiden is different. And better. And closer to all of us. Continue reading