Happy Holidays!


So it’s slowing down for Christmas. Take a peek at what you can expect from Maiden Revelations in 2013!

Thank you all for following Maiden Revelations in the first few months of our existence! We aim to be just as much the shameless Maiden nerds in 2013, you can be sure about that. It’s shaping up to be an exciting year for Maiden fans around the world, and we’ll be in the thick of it.

Taking the gamble that Maiden won’t announce anything this close to Christmas, here’s the final 2012 update, looking at 2013:

What’s gonna happen (if the world doesn’t end this week)?

We are going to keep following the picture disc re-releases of Maiden’s classic 1980s albums. First up in the new year is Powerslave and Live After Death, followed in February by Somewhere In Time and Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son. We’ll be doing retro reviews, of course, and also link other features to the releases. All of you who worship the greatness of Somewhere In Time should keep a keen eye on the site, for we will give particular focus to that album and era with several in-depth features.

Sometime early in 2013 we will also finally see the release of the third History DVD set, Maiden England itself. There will be lots of coverage of this event, reviews and features that discuss every aspect.

(More under the picture!)


Been good, boys and girls? Eddie is coming to get ya once again in 2013.

In early summer, the Maiden England World Tour continues, and we’ll hit the road to bring you reports from as many cities and shows as we can. Same stage show as 2012, or differences? Same setlist as 2012, or does something happen? Does Bruce sing better than ever? Does the band announce the recording of any of the 2013 shows for a DVD?

Of course, we’ll also keep adding features to our two in-depth categories, Feature Friday and Best & Worst. There are already quite a few to catch up on in there, but we’ll broaden the scope as time goes on. As the Maiden England tour unfolds, what’s up next for Maiden? We are going to probe the crystal ball, and speculate on what the road ahead has in store for Maiden fans.

But it’s not all going to be dead serious, you know. Look out for a feature on Maiden’s 1980s trousers among other things, sure to be hilarious!

With that, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! See you all in 2013!


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