Bruce Dickinson about being homeless, taking responsibility and a new Iron Maiden album?

bruce dickinsonBruce Dickinson recently spoke to the Swedish website Talarforum about his career as an entrepreneur and business motivator. But the interesting part for all of us Iron Maiden fans came in the final paragraph of the interview.

The actual interview deals with taking responsibilities when building a successful business and not to hide in a corner and let the others do the actual work. The piece is very interesting indeed, but that´s not what we´re here to talk about right now. (If you read Swedish, you´ll find it here.)

Bruce talks about how he spent his last ten pounds on a rock concert and a few pints, that eventually snowballed into him joining Iron Maiden when he had no job or shelter:

– I took my ten pounds, paid for the ticket to the show – and ran right into an old friend that I had been playing in a band with. He worked there as a sound engineer. I told him I didn’t have anywhere to stay and asked if I could crash on his couch. After living with him for a week, I ran into a couple of other buddies. It floated on like that until I started singing in Iron Maiden.

– What seemed to be an almost insignificant decision turned out, in hindsight, to be a real turning point.

And now for the interesting bit: The story ends with the following paragraph:

“Fans of Iron Maiden should feel lucky. Apart from the upcoming tour, the band plans to record a new studio album that – if everything goes according to plan – will be released in 2014.”

Now that is something to chew on.

Source: Talarforum


2 thoughts on “Bruce Dickinson about being homeless, taking responsibility and a new Iron Maiden album?

  1. Honestly didn’t think it was possible to like Bruce any more than I already did but I admit I was wrong! Thank you Bruce! It’s always cool to know that someone you admire went through similar hardships. Hell yes to the second leg of Maiden England, to a new album and to Maiden in general! Up the Irons!

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