Maiden Revelations 1 Year Old!


Today, September 24, Maiden Revelations proudly celebrate our first year of activity. Read on for a quick recap and some thoughts about the future.

Thanks to whoever made the cake and posted the picture! It isn’t ours and wasn’t made for us, but we liked the image and the message.

We have spent all our lives being ridiculously interested in the greatest band there ever was – Iron Maiden. Last year we thought we’d like to share our love a little more, and the result was the birth of Maiden Revelations. Time flies, we’re already one year into it, and here’s a little something of the year that was and the year to come.

Of course, our first year in existence has been dominated by Maiden’s classic 1980s period. The band have re-released their 80s catalog, yet again, this time on picture disc vinyl. They have also re-released the 1989 Maiden England concert video, this time on DVD, and trotted the globe on the hugely successful Maiden England World Tour.

Iron Maiden At The Pub

Iron Maiden toast the dawn of their classic era, as singer Bruce Dickinson joins in time for The Number Of The Beast.

Our in-depth category is called Feature Friday, and there you will find numerous articles about all sorts of nerdy things relating to Maiden history. Throughout the past year, we have charted the band’s 1980s in a series of articles that highlight everything from the quest for the right producer (hail Martin Birch!) to the Harris vs Dickinson conflict over Somewhere In Time. There are also features about the members that left (or were fired) and Maiden’s numerous visits to Brazil over the years. And more!

In the same vein, we love giving our not-at-all-sought-after opinions in the category Best & Worst, we’re you’ll find discussions about Maiden’s stage productions and concert videos, etc.


The Somewhere In Time period was largely skipped over when Maiden revisited the 1980s on recent tours. But we have covered it plenty much in our Feature Friday and Best & Worst categories, oh yes.

Hand in hand with these features we have obviously reviewed all of Maiden’s 1980s catalog, up to and including the latest addition – Maiden England ’88, which was finally released earlier this year. Head on over to the reviews section to find all our infuriating opinions about your favorite music ever.

We thought we would also write a lot from the road this year, since we’ve seen multiple shows around Europe and the US on this tour. But we’ve been uncharacteristically quiet. Why? To be honest, when opening night in Bilbao proved that the set and show for the 2013 tour was note-for-note identical with the 2012 version, we thought there wasn’t much to say that we hadn’t already said. Most fans would know the setlist and everything else by heart at that point. And we had already gone into detail with our opinions thereof.

We planned on writing stories about the Barcelona, Download and Berlin concerts, but have only covered opening night and Stockholm since it seemed a bit like old news. But, coming up soon is coverage of all the 2013 Brazil shows, courtesy of our collaborator Fabian Oliveira. Yes, we’re not the only ones nerding on this site! You’ll find other voices in the Fans category.

(Want to write for Maiden Revelations about something Maiden that’s burning your thoughts? Look us up on Facebook and send us a message there!)


Iron Maiden live on the Maiden England World Tour in 2012-13, capping a triumphant run of History tours in the 2005-2013 period. We will soon have word from Fabian Oliveira about the 2013 Brazil concerts.

And so begins a new cycle in Maiden’s career. What about the future? We’ll be speculating away over the next few months. All we know for sure is that the band have decided to do another studio album, but not in 2014 according to Dickinson. Which leaves hanging the question of Maiden activity next year.

We also know that the DVD re-release of Donington Live 1992 is on the agenda. With the 1980s now seeming spent, we will turn our attention to Maiden’s more challenging 1990s era, reviewing the albums and discussing the production choices and line-up changes that formed Maiden’s most controversial era – 1990 to 1998.

For now, thank you for following our first year! We’re looking forward to continuing the nerdy journey into Maiden’s fourth decade.

Cheers, Torgrim and Christer.


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