A new Maiden album? Definitely, says Bruce Dickinson


A lot of fans have noticed an interview Bruce Dickinson did in late July, so this is probably old news to many of you. But anyway, the Iron Maiden singer talks about a new album!

Iron Maiden released their latest studio album, their 15th, The Final Frontier in 2010. At that point, both the album’s title and bassist Steve Harris’ ages-old assertion that he could see Maiden doing 15 albums, led dedicated fans to speculate that the 2010 release would really be the FINAL one.

Of course, us Maiden fans can be overly nervous about the inevitable end of our favorite band, and the fire was fueled when the band’s comments about possible further studio projects on the 2010-11 The Final Frontier tour was of the “we don’t know” kind.

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Dickinson performing on stage during the 2010-11 The Final Frontier tour. Would it be the last time that Maiden toured with a brand new studio album…?

But seriously, who would expect a band well into their 4th decade to make definite statements about their future? Maiden’s cycle, designed to please all types of fans, dictates that an album and tour will be followed by a History project. Which means the current Maiden England DVD and world tour would precede any new album project anyway.

And no, Harris had no clue about Maiden’s longevity when he speculated, way back when, that 15 albums would be a nice aim. In later years he has stated that he wouldn’t mind exceeding that mark.

In late July, singer Bruce Dickinson was asked about the possibility of a new Iron Maiden album in 2014 by Turkish website hafifmuzik.org. His answer (trusting to Google’s translations into English and Norwegian) was “No” … But not to worry, Dickinson immediately followed up by stating that there is “definitely going to be a new album at some point.”

Dickinson’s guess is 2015.

So there it is. By July 2013 it’s a safe bet that Maiden have decided on what to do or not to do in 2014. They make plans well ahead of time. Which means that Maiden are either going to simply tour in 2014, or take the year off.

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Dickinson fronting Maiden on their third consecutive international mega-tour.

Seeing as they went straight from the 2008-09 Somewhere Back In Time project into the 2010-11 The Final Frontier project and then into the 2012-13 Maiden England project… Well, in Maiden Revelations’ opinion it could be a good idea to let 2014 pass without activity to avoid over-exposure.

Anyway, a new album has gone from “don’t know” to “definitely”.

Last year, Steve Harris offered the opinion that Maiden probably had about 5 years left in them. If they release a new album in 2015, they would have a couple of years on the road to find their way to that preliminary ending point around 2017.

It doesn’t sound too unlikely, does it?

In the hafifmuzik.org interview, Dickinson also keeps the door open for another solo album, saying that they are talking about it (whoever they are), and reasoning “why not?”

Be sure that we are going to speculate a lot more about what the future of Maiden holds beyond the Maiden England tour here at Maiden Revelations in the months to come.

Many thanks to IMOC member GhostofCain for pointing out the interview!


14 thoughts on “A new Maiden album? Definitely, says Bruce Dickinson

  1. Thanks for mentioning me mate! 🙂

    I’d rather have a Maiden album in 2014, but I guess they would take some time off after the tour.

    By the way, Bruce’s answer when I asked him about a new solo album in March was “Maybe”, but hinting there was something in the works. Perhaps we will get that one before the Maiden album.

    • lol – I wouldn’t be surprised to see a solo project release in the near future. When Harry talked about how he fessed up to working on British Lion, he said, “I could see the twinkle of plotting in Bruce’s eye…”

  2. If Maiden won’t tour next year, it would be a perfect time for another Bruce solo album and perhaps a summer tour. 😉

    Not that it’s going to happen, but it would be great. Anyway, these are interesting times for the whole Maiden family.

  3. Well, rumours has it that there will be some festival dates in Europe next summer… Probably a fully new tour as I can’t imagine them extending Maiden England tour ’till 2014.

    • Extending Maiden England into 2014 would be a Maiden first – spreading one tour concept over three calendar years. But then again, we had a Maiden first this year – no change in the setlist with 9 months between legs.

  4. I’m happy to hears that to u bruce,, that u make a new album,,, keep iit up the iron n your group,,, u are the best in the world vocal,,, long live to u n your groups that name iron maiden,,,,,,

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