Kevin Shirley: Mixing Maiden show for a TV presentation. No new DVD after all?


Shirley mixing Maiden for TV. Does that mean that there will be no DVD of the Maiden England tour after all?

Iron Maiden producer Kevin Shirley has just updated that he is finished mixing a Maiden show for TV presentation.

In a posting on his Facebook-page, Kevin Shirley reveals that he has been busy the last few weeks mixing a Iron Maiden show for TV presentation.

In a previous article we were speculating if a new live DVD was in the works, bearing in mind Shirley’s past reports of recording shows both in Sao Paulo and Rio, during the bands visit to Brazil in September. Shirley also recorded the Download festival show in June that was filmed by Sky Arts. Shirley was credited for mixing the soundtrack to the Sky Arts show that was televised shortly after Download. See the clip below.

Lately Shirley-mixed clips of “Run to the Hills”, “Fear of the Dark” and “The Trooper” from Rock in Rio has surfaced online.

In the light of this latest show being mixed for a TV broadcast, does that eventually rule out a future DVD release of the Maiden England World Tour? It might be an odd choice for the band to release a DVD of a concert that has already been broadcasted in full on TV.

bruce vorterix 01

Bruce Dickinson recently spoke to about Iron Maiden’s plans to record a new album and future touring.

– Well, I mean, we are going to do another album, Dickinson says, but adds:When we do it I can’t tell you.

In a reveal that’s sure to delight fans around the globe he also says that the band has already started to write material for what will be their 16th studio album.

– Actually I’ve written a load of stuff. You know, we’re all writing little bits and bobs all the time. We’ll see what happens, you know. But yeah, sure.

The band has been touring the world for the past couple of years with the Maiden England package, a concert presentation that revisited their classic Seventh Son of a Seventh Son era. Asked whether or not they will do a similar thing with their 90s material in the future, Dickinson gets a little ambiguous.

– We haven’t got that far yet. Let’s finish this one first and see what happens next year. But yeah, I do not think Maiden fans are going to be too disappointed for too long.


17 thoughts on “Kevin Shirley: Mixing Maiden show for a TV presentation. No new DVD after all?

  1. The Download show highlights were part of a Sky Arts Download special. It had nothing to do with Auntie Beeb (BBC) 😉

  2. By the way, I agree it would be weird to release a DVD from a show that was broadcasted in full on TV, although they did that with Rock in Rio 2001.

    My bet is that this show would probably be Rock in Rio (in full or selected highlights) and that, if they release an official DVD from the Maiden England tour, that would be based on the Donington show.

  3. Blimey – thanks for pointing that out. Sorted.

    They broadcasted Rock in Rio, but that was before high quality YouTube services.

    Anyway, time will tell. But with both the Sky Arts show and now probably a full airing of a remixed Rock in Rio, it sort of takes away from the anticipation of a full blown DVD release.

    • Sure it was before high quality YouTube, but you could get bootlegs from the TV broadcast (pro-shot) of Rock in Rio in 2001 months before the Maiden release. Anyway, that was then and this is now; things have changed a lot in the music business in the last 12 years…

    • I know he spent part of March in LA working with Roy Z, but I do not know if it was just writing or if they recorded anything.

      • Oh my god if he can come up with a new “tyranny of souls” I’ll be so happy… I enjoyed this album so much that I wore my CD out to the point I had to buy a new copy…

      • I’d rather have something like “The chemical wedding” than “Tyranny of souls”. In my humble opinion the latter, albeit a good metal album, lacked the magic of the former and, to a certain extent, its predecessor “Accident of birth”.

  4. I’m pretty sure Shirley did the sound for the Rio livecast… where did you find these clips online? Did they sound any different from what we heard from RiR’s Youtube stream?

  5. @GhostofCain I didn’t compare the two, I just think that it’s more possible to come up with something close to “tyranny” than “Chemical” in these days… Of course “Chemical” is the best Dickinson solo album, even though I spent more time listening to “tyranny” for some strange reason…

    • You might be right, SakaRaka7, since there’s little chance of Adrian being involved this time. Personally, I think there are 4 great songs on Tyranny, and the rest is strictly…meh…

      • A lot of people think this way, like you do.. I don’t know why I love it so much.. Maybe it’s fits my taste…

    • As it will probably be a Roy Z/Bruce project without any input from Adrian Smith or a permanent backing band, I think the album would be more likely to be in the vein of “Tyranny of souls”.

      However, although Adrian’s influence is undeniable, most of the stuff in “Accident of birth” and “The chemical wedding” was done by Roy and Bruce. Thus, I guess the final result will also depend a lot on Bruce’s headspace during the writing sessions.

    • Most people seem to think Chemical Wedding is the greatest. Personally I prefer Accident. Like you say, it probably fits my taste! 🙂

      • I personally think “The Chemical Wedding” is one of Bruce’s top 3 albums, and that includes all the Maiden classics. I really like “Accident of birth”, but “The Chemical Wedding” has that extra something that makes it amazing (and incredibly special, at least for me).

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