Maiden England World Tour is a Blockbuster!


Iron Maiden tops Billboard’s Hot Tours ranking for the third time this year!

Earlier this summer we wrote that the Maiden England World Tour was a money-making machine that brought Iron Maiden to the top of Billboard‘s prestigious tour ranking.

Now Classic Rock Magazine reports that Maiden shot to the top of the list again after making an incredible 15 million dollars from nine shows at the end of the 2013 tour. In Billboard‘s ranking we note that the Rock In Rio show is not counted, and that only the Sao Paulo show is listed as a sell-out.

The total of ticket sales for the 2013 Maiden England tour reported to Billboard comes to more than 57 million dollars, and over 900 000 people have attended the shows.

Needless to say, Iron Maiden’s History tours have become very big business indeed, and Steve Harris is probably in no rush to sell that Essex mansion to cover living expenses.


They don’t look that happy, but the current Iron Maiden line-up can laugh all the way to the bank on account of their most recent History tour.


5 thoughts on “Maiden England World Tour is a Blockbuster!

  1. Actually, I think the Essex mansion was indeed for sale last year…! Seriously, they deserve every last penny. Take my money!

    • It’s for sale, that’s true. That’s why I wrote that Steve doesn’t need to be in a hurry to sell it. 😉 Steve lives in LA and the Bahamas these days.

  2. It will always be the known as the Maiden England tour that didn’t tour England, so many fans are pissed off, even in the 90’s Steve Harris said that British fans would always come first, how times have changed. One festival & two London dates weren’t enough. All they are interested in are touring the US, Americans didn’t even like the 7th Son album.

    • There might be many reasons that they didn’t do a full UK tour. Having done so in 2011 is one, and whatever deals promotors are willing and able to go for is another. While it’s understandable that UK fans feel let down, at least they got 3 concerts. Many countries got none, and entire continents were left out.

      Also, I have never heard or seen Harris state that British fans would always “come first”, as in being more important than other fans.

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