Maiden England European Tour is huge!


Last week, Iron Maiden’s current European tour came in at No 1 in Billboard’s Hot Tours ranking.

Metal blog Metal4ALL reports that the Maiden England tour is doing amazing business in Europe. Billboard’s ranking primarily looks at the reported revenue, but also features the ticket sales. Maiden’s European tour took in 19 million USD at the box office in just 14 European performances.


Maiden England 2013: Grossing high!

In those 14 performances Maiden played to a total of almost 260 000 people, a number which is sure to balloon immensely once the band hits South America at the end of the tour.

The European tour has included a sold-out show at Lisbon’s Pavilhão Atlântico and a record-breaking performance at Stockholm’s Friends Arena for more than 55 000 people.

In case anyone’s wondering, Maiden are still huge.

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