What does Black Sabbath, Aerosmith and Iron Maiden have in common?

Lighten up. There are Iron Maiden tour news to come.

Read on and start saving money. 2014 will apparently not be a slow year for the craving Iron Maiden fanatic.

As most of you have already learned we are likely to see Maiden back on the road as early as 2014. The whereabouts are still subject to wild amounts of speculation, but there are some rumors that are more persistent than others. There’s been a lot of talks about Iron Maiden playing French monster festival Hellfest next year.

The festival has been on a steady rise over the past couple of years and have featured well renowned artists like Kiss and Ozzy Osbourne in recent years. French radio host and blogger Zegut has been vocal about Maidens involvement for some time and before the weekend he even hinted that they will be joined by veteran rockers Aerosmith and metal pioneers Black Sabbath.

Confirmed acts for 2014 include Emperor, Trivium, Hatebreed, Watain and Carcass among others.

Crowd craziness. Hellfest 2013.

Crowd craziness. Hellfest 2013.

Zegut is known to be a well informed source when it comes to concerts in France, although some of his prophecies has proven wrong. He predicted an Iron Maiden show in the historic amphitheater of Nimes in 2010. The gig never manifested it self, however people in the know claim that it was change of plans and not false rumors that lead to the no show.

The band has been touring the world for the past couple of years with the Maiden England package, a concert presentation that revisited their classic Seventh Son of a Seventh Son era. In an interview with Vorterix.com whether or not Maiden will do a similar thing with their 90s material in the future, Dickinson gets a little ambiguous.

– We haven’t got that far yet. Let’s finish this one first and see what happens next year. But yeah, I do not think Maiden fans are going to be too disappointed for too long.

The theme and magnitude of the rumored 2014 tour is debatable. We know Japan got snubbed in 2011 due to the tragic earthquake. There has long been talks of a visit to China and they haven’t been to India for a while. The current line-up has never been to South Africa. And Denmark, Norway and Australia got left out of the Maiden England World Tour itinerary. Could it be time for a filling all the gaps sort of a tour? Or maybe a reworked Maiden England tour in the vein of the revised Somewhere Back in Time Tour they did back in 2009?

At some point they will also re-release Donington Live 1992 and there are also talks about a new DVD release from the current tour. In other words plenty of room for setlist and theme speculation.

Our semi qualified guesses says there will be a tour similar to the extent of A Matter of the Beast 2007. Some Asian/other parts of the world dates and maybe 10 headline/stadium/festival shows in Europe.

Feel free to speculate and share information (information… who are you?) with us.

10 thoughts on “What does Black Sabbath, Aerosmith and Iron Maiden have in common?

  1. Iron Maiden announce the all new “No Fear for the Dying Tour”
    The band will be focusing on material of the early 90s and will play songs that haven’t been played in a while…
    Setlist will be:
    01. Aces High
    02. Wrathchild
    03. Can I Play With Madness
    04. The Trooper
    05. Wasted Years
    06. Phantom Of The Opera
    07. The Number Of The Beast
    08. The Evil That Men Do
    09. Blood Brothers
    10. Afraid To Shoot Strangers
    11. The Clairvoyant
    12. Fear Of The Dark
    13. Iron Maiden
    14. Heaven Can Wait
    15. Run To The Hills
    16. Running Free
    Nicko McBrain says: “It’s always great to dust off rare classics like Wrathchild and Blood brothers”..

    • I didn’t see any such announcement on the official website nor from Smallwood’s office…? Please, when and where did you hear this? It’s really exciting!!

      • I’m just kidding… Would you really be excited about a No prayer – Fear of the Dark tour with only afraid and fear from that era, or are you just trolling me ?? 😛

    • LOL!! Total troll, of course. However, sometimes, they do something so extraordinary that an announcement of where they’re going to have dinner can be exciting. I look forward to those days again…and I have a feeling they just may be coming. \m/

      • I think the next announcement of the future project (whether tour album dvd) will be around X-mass or January perhaps… The next thing on the site will probably be IMTV 2013 part 3….

  2. Be Quick or Be Dead
    Man on the Edge
    Afraid to Shoot Strangers
    Die With Your Boots On
    Sign of the Cross
    Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter
    Wasting Love
    The Clansman
    Fear of the Dark
    Iron Maiden
    – – – – – – – – –
    Number of the Beast
    Hallowed Be Thy Name
    Run to the Hills

    And in honour of the first UK leg of the NPFTD tour, and the subsequent Blaze years, they have to play theatres…

    • well with a setlist like this they might as well have to play in theaters …. I like it but a lot of Maiden fans wouldn’t…

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