ON TOUR 2014: Greenfield Festival in Switzerland and Hellfest in France finally confirmed

bannerimage130Although not yet visible on the main site, this banner for Greenfield Festival in Switzerland surfaced on IronMaiden.com tonight. Hellfest has also officially been confirmed by Iron Maiden.

Maiden are, as speculated on here for quite a while now, officially confirmed for Hellfest in France on the opening night the 20th of June. The fast growing metal festival is boasting an – to put it mildly – astonishing line-up that includes the headliner trio Maiden, Black Sabbath and Aerosmith, along with classic acts such as Deep Purple, Slayer, Megadeth. Not to say the least an impressive array of harder gems including Carcass, Emperor, Watain, Enslaved and more.

Fresh from the can is Switzerland’s Greenfield Festival, set to take place in between the 12th – 14th of June. The band will headline this major festival after playing a sold out show in Zurich‘s Hallenstadion last summer.

Keep an eye out for more announcements in the coming days. We’re particularly looking at Italy (Rock in Rome), Austria (Nova Rock) and Fortarock in the Netherlands.


7 thoughts on “ON TOUR 2014: Greenfield Festival in Switzerland and Hellfest in France finally confirmed

  1. How’s everyone forgetting about Rock in Rio Lisbon? They say they’re starting the tour in late May. What other festival has dates in late May other than the very RiR itself? It’ll kick off the tour

  2. I think it’s worth pausing for a moment to give a thought to poor Janick. Another year and another tour of playing (mostly) rhythm on songs that he had no hand in writing or recording…

    • Janick’s a cool customer. He’s got no problem. And he’s not the kind of guy to feel “poor” for having to tour material that actually made the band he later joined and benefitted from.

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