ON TOUR 2014: Hot tips on where you might see Iron Maiden next summer

Iron Maiden entertaining a sold out Knebworth Sonisphere in 2010.

CLASH OF THE TITANS: Will we see Iron Maiden, Metallica and Black Sabbath, arguably the most spectacular headliner trio of all time at Knebworth 2014?

Next week both Sonisphere UK, Hellfest and possibly Rock Am Ring will launch their headliners. Maiden Revelations gives you some hot tips on where you might see your favorite band Iron Maiden next summer.

OK, let’s get on with the  facts first. Manager Rod Smallwood has confirmed that Iron Maiden will tour next summer in a recent interview in the fan club magazine. With that firmly out of the way, let’s have a look at a few key factors we can use as a basis for further touring speculations.

a) We know that Maiden prefers to tour in the summer

b) We know that they like to play festivals to reach as many people in one go as possible. It also comes in handy when production costs are calculated.

c) Festivals are mostly organized on weekends/long weekends, so in order to keep the crew busy and the costs of having the gear on the road, they will need their own in between festival shows, which sometimes can be a stadium, arena or an outdoor show.

d) The band will not have a new album out next year and they’ve already toured extensively with the Maiden England package, so it’s likely to assume that they will hit territories or festivals where they haven’t played in a while.

e) Due to the above factors, it’s also likely to believe that the tour will be relatively short.

So all those things considered, here is a list of potential Iron Maiden appearances next summer and why:

This poster is probably fake, but the names are relevant. Most of them are touring next summer.

This poster is probably fake, but the names are relevant. Most of them are touring next summer.


Where: Nürburg, Germany
Dates: 6. – 8. June

Why: Iron Maiden has played two sold out German tours both in 2011 and 2013, reaching record breaking ticket sales. It’s likely that if they chose to return to Germany next summer, it will be a festival. They have played Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park two times before in 2003 and 2005. The festival normally have a big metal name on the bill and the forums are buzzing with rumors of a Maiden return.

When do we know? The festival announced their Facebook site on November 21st that they will reveal four big ones very soon. Educated guess, first week of December.

Probability: 75%

Anniversary coming up.

Anniversary coming up.


Where: Copenhagen, Denmark
Dates: 12. – 14. June

Why: Copenhell is celebrating their 5 year anniversary next summer. The festival has been growing rapidly over the last years and they will probably do something special next year. Denmark was left out when they toured Scandinavia this summer and due to the fact that they’ve struggled with their own headline shows, they will most likely play a festival. Bearing in mind that they did Roskilde in 2011, Copenhell is a great alternative.

When do we know? No word from official sources on a imminent announcement, but if we’re lucky we will know more before Christmas.

Probability: 65 %

Enough said!

Enough said!


Where: Clisson, France
Dates: 20. – 22. June

Why: The French loves Iron Maiden and after playing both Sonisphere and Bercy in 2013, they will opt for something different in 2014. Hellfest has been a persistent rumor for quite some time. The semi reliable radio host Zegut has written on his blog on several occasions that Maiden is confirmed. The festival is also teasing the next announcement with the title of the Fear of the Dark lead single Be Quick or Be Dead. The festival is also using the slogan “No festival has gathered so many metal legends”. Other rumored headliners are Aerosmith and Black Sabbath. Read more.

When do we know? December 4th.

Probability: 90%

Are we in for the most spectacular clash of the titans in heavy metal history? On December 2nd, we'll probably know.

Are we in for the most spectacular clash of the titans in heavy metal history? On December 2nd, we’ll probably know.


Where: Knebworth, UK
Dates: 04. – 06. July

Why: Iron Maiden has a long history with Sonisphere. The festival is organized by among others Maiden’s booking extraordinaire John Jackson and Kilimanjaro Live. The band rarely does a full UK tour when not touring a new album, so that leaves us with the festival option again. They played Download last year, so that rules out that alternative. We know that Sonisphere UK was cancelled in 2012 and didn’t surface last year due to the lack of strong headliner candidates. We know Maiden sold out in 2010, thus making them a good alternative four years later. Reading/Leeds are more indie oriented. Rumors are also running their course on the old world wide web. You heard it on Maiden Revelations first: We strongly believe Sonisphere UK will be headlined by the mighty trio Iron Maiden, Metallica and Black Sabbath. Read more

When do we know? As of today, Sonisphere UKs Facebook says launch in 6 days, so that would give us Monday December 2nd.

Probability: 80%

Other likely places: Norway got snubbed on the Maiden England tour, likely to get a headline show of some sort. Greece was left out this year too. Bulgaria and Serbia is plausible locations. Italy (Rome?) and Spain are also hot on Iron Maiden. Watch out for the following festivals Forta Rock, Netherlands, Werchter/Pukkel Pop, Belgium, Sziget, Hungary. Add a few arena warm up shows before Rock Am Ring.

And finally, the million dollar question is if they will tour the US? If it turns out that the concept for the next tour will be a new one, we’ve previously speculated if it will be a 90s themed tour, there is a chance that they will head over seas as well. Similar to the 2003 and 2005 ventures. If our assumptions in regards to the above mentioned events turns out to be true, they will spend June and early July in Europe, something that leaves most of July and August open for another leg. The last major tour in the States was Maiden England 2012.

See below for a possible scenario. Feel free to create your own 2014 Tour routing in the comments section. Hope to see you all on tour in 2014. Stay tuned for more info!



FRI 6 Germany, Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park – IRON MAIDEN
SAT 7 Germany, Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park
SUN 8 Germany, Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park – IRON MAIDEN
TUE 10
WED 11
THU 12 Denmark, Copenhell
FRI 13 Denmark, Copenhell – IRON MAIDEN
SAT 14 Denmark, Copenhell
SUN 15
MON 16
TUE 17
WED 18
THU 19
FRI 20 France, Hellfest – IRON MAIDEN
SAT 21 France, Hellfest – BLACK SABBATH
SUN 22 France, Hellfest – AEROSMITH
MON 23
TUE 24
WED 25
THU 26
FRI 27
SAT 28
SUN 29
MON 30


WED 2 Denmark, Roskilde
THU 3 Denmark, Roskilde
FRI 4 Denmark, Roskilde /UK, Sonisphere – IRON MAIDEN
SAT 5 Denmark, Roskilde / UK, Sonisphere – METALLICA?
SUN 6 Denmark, Roskilde / UK, Sonisphere – BLACK SABBATH?


18 thoughts on “ON TOUR 2014: Hot tips on where you might see Iron Maiden next summer

  1. Based on the reception that they’ve gotten here in the states the last few tours, I would really hope that they would come back next year. Most of the shows have been or were very close to selling out and the fans energy at the 3 shows I made it to tell me that their popularity is very strong in the states, maybe more than its been since the ’80s. And I personally would love to hear more stuff from NPFTD, FOD, X Factor and Virtual XI.

    • You’re absolutely right. I don’t think the band has ever been bigger in the US when it comes to live business, maybe not even in 1985.

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  3. I have to bring something you forgot about HellFest and Iron Maiden.

    First, we know Ben Barbaud, director of HellFest, is himself a fan of Iron Maiden. The band has been a point to reach for the fest. So each year, french metalhead going to HellFest ask Maiden as an headliner. Ben Baubaud said himself during some press conference, in the past years : ”one day, we will have Maiden on the bill.”

    Concerning the 2014 bill : first, Ben Baubaud didn’t want to give much hope. He said maybe they won’t have them. That was the point during the summer (2013). Why ? Because a lot of people (me included) thank Maiden would be at HellFest 2013…it was almost sure…and then, Maiden played Bercy and Sonisphere !

    So ? The rumour (of Maiden headlining HellFest 2014) really started when, Ben Barbaud posted a picture from Rock In Rio, with the comment : ”That would be great at HellFest !” on his own facebook. (I’m pretty sure the picture has been removed since). So we know he was, at the sound desk, in Rock In Rio, for Iron Maiden. And we can be pretty sure that wasn’t for some tourism…

    Then, the rumour goes to paroxysm when Zegut post his thought on his blog.

    Plus, now, the teaser with the sentence ”Be quick or be dead”. So, all that added, we can really think Iron Maiden will headline HellFest 2014.

    Last thing (for people who doesn’t know much abour HellFest) : capacity is the fest is now at 45 000 people a day, which could be the largest affluence for Maiden EVER in France, in ONE night ! (In 2005, Maiden sold ”only” 35-37 000 tickets at Parc des Princes Stadium, lots of people saying 40 000 but no more // In 2008 (and 2011), 2 Bercy arena = 17 000 x 2 = 34 000 // In 2013 : Bercy + Sonisphere France = 17 000 + 25 000 = 42 000).

  4. I think Maiden might headline Novarock festival again between June 13th and June 15th. Black Sabbath has already been concerned. Two arguments:
    1. The festival is conviniently located in an Eastern region of Austria, easily reachable from most of Central Europe countries and Balkans. It is a good way for IM to reach as much fans as possible without visiting every single country.
    2. During Seerock festival last year (also in Austria), Bruce stated at the end of the show that the band will come back soon. Was pretty strong statement actually

  5. You’re forgetting about Rock in Rio which is by the end of May, perfect to kick off the european leg. They also just played RiR brasil this year with whom the lisbon version tends to share a lot of bands. Hence being likely for Maiden to headline it

  6. Would be great if they played Shanghai where I live. This year I saw Maiden in Gdansk, last year Vancouver, year before that London. Failing that, Pacific Rim would be good as most of the dates look like being May / June and I will be working. Here’s hoping they don’t mind changing their set about for China, Metallica did it for 2 cracking shows in August.

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