Schedule Iron Maiden @Koengen in Bergen + Tribute Nights @Garage

koengen_10151913010520685_357521624_nHere is the full schedule for the Iron Maiden show at Koengen in Bergen. And don’t miss out on Maiden Fans Unite events at Garage.

Gates open: 16.00
Sahg: 17.10 – 17.40
Kvelertak: 18.10 – 19.00
Ghost: 19.30 – 20.20
Iron Maiden: 21.00 – 23.00
Curfew: 23.00


The massive stage is currently under construction.



Friday 27.06

Doors bar: 13.00

18.00 Norwegian author Torben Svendsen will read from and sign his book “Jernjomfruen” (The Iron Maiden) in the bar.

19.00 The ultimate Iron Maiden quiz

23.00 Powerslaves – Playing a selection of classics and songs that has never been performed live by Iron Maiden before.

All day in the bar: DJ’s and Maiden Mayhem

Saturday 28.06

Doors bar: 12.00 AM

14.00 Meet & greet/signing session with Blaze Bayley.

23.45 MaidenheadsThe unplayed classics.
Maidenheads will play a set consisting of rarely/never before played fan favorites.

01.00 Blaze Bayley – Performing his own signature songs from his period in Iron Maiden together with a handful of Iron Maiden favorites.

All day in the bar: DJ’s and Maiden Mayhem

6 thoughts on “Schedule Iron Maiden @Koengen in Bergen + Tribute Nights @Garage

  1. I saw the Iron Maiden concert last night at the Bråvalla festival – it was awesome! All the boys were in great shape, musically as tight and energetic as ever, strong interaction with the crowd – Norway, be prepared to get run over by a tank!

  2. I saw Maiden 2 Days Ago in Bråvalla, Sweden. And it was fucking unbelievable! Even better than last year in Friends Arena, Sweden! Bruce was even better than I expected, he was like a fucking bat out of hell! His voice was in perfect shape and he had an awesome stage presence! The rest of the band was also in perfect shape! A perfect Maiden gig, as usual!

    The mood in the crowd was fucking electric!

    It was the second time I saw Maiden live, and certainly not the last time!

    Up the Irons from Sweden!

    • It was one of the best Maiden shows I’ve seen, personally. Band was on fire, Bruce was pitch perfect. The sound was good were I stood, but others have complained that it was painfully overdriven.

      • That is good to hear. Maiden were on fire at Knebworth the other day and played a blinder. 🙂

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