Iron Maiden Live Stream Tonight!


The Maiden England show can be seen and heard in a live stream from Rock Am Ring on Thursday June 5.

If you’re seeing Iron Maiden this summer and don’t wish to be spoiled, you should obviously stop reading right here. But if you want a little Maiden action tonight, Rock Am Ring are delivering a live stream of Maiden’s headline appearance:

Here’s the link to Rock Am Ring’s official streaming service! Maiden are scheduled to hit the stage at 9 pm local time in NΓΌrburg, Germany, that’s 7 pm UTC.

This summer’s European tour marks the end, at long last, of the 2012-14 Maiden England World Tour, and thus the end of the band’s now legendary History tours. Next on the agenda for Maiden is their 16th studio album, which singer Bruce Dickinson has earlier claimed will arrive in 2015.

Meanwhile, we can all enjoy one final hurrah! to the 1980s, with the set that Maiden are currently delivering across Europe. Yes, Fear Of The Dark is in there…fans demand it, it seems. Anyway, this is what the band will play in Germany tonight:



52 thoughts on “Iron Maiden Live Stream Tonight!

  1. hope it stays online afterwards… Plus I hope Nicko’s drum pedal will be audible in contrast to the Rock in Rio 2013 stream

    • It’s hard to completely remove something like this from the web. Maiden’s team have done so in the past when a live DVD has been in the works, but last year’s Rio show is still easily available on YouTube. This could be speculated to mean that they don’t intend to release anything official from this tour…?

      • I read somewhere that it was actually a tv thing that Kevin Shirley mixed but I don’t know what… Plus the rock in rio show anywhere I found it sounds like shit.. Even in the High res downloads Nicko’s bass drum wasn’t audible at all… Perfect example fear of the dark, but you can figure it out by listening any song from that stream.. Hope it sounds good, this one though

  2. Shirley recorded Donington, Sao Paulo and Rio last year, so he could do a good mix of any of those. It was actually Shirley himself who wrote on Facebook that he’s mixed a TV thing. I don’t know what kind of sense that makes, a TV thing from a tour that’s now more than 2 years old. I’ve no idea what he was talking about.

      • I guess it’s simply how he sounds onstage these days. We haven’t had an official live product for nearly 5 years, and his voice has certainly changed since En Vivo!. Personally I think the more “cracked” style suits much of the material, but it’s definitely tougher for him to hit the high notes now than it was 5 years ago. It’s one thing for us to hear him in the arena or in phone vids, but something else entirely with these crisp, crystal clear and unforgiving live streams.

      • @Christer: sorry for being such a pernickety fan, but “En vivo” was recorded on 10th April 2011, i.e. a little over three years ago, unless you use a different calendar in Norway. πŸ˜‰

        Bruce’s voice sounds quite similar to me as it did in 2011 (in fact he does sound better than during the 2011 European leg of “The final frontier” tour); some nights is rougher, some nights is clearer.

    • He sounded raw and that’s how we like it, isn’t it? I’d say it was a really good performance, albeit not perfect, of some really challenging songs.

      • Actually my thinking as I typed went like this: “Let’s see, En Vivo!… That was what? Early 2010 right?” and I wrote “nearly 5 years” while thinking “Ghost is most definitely going to come after me for this, it’s just over 4 years.” πŸ˜‰ As it turns out I rushed too much and it was actually just over 3 years. Duly noted. Bruce is king. But his performance this night was nowhere near as great as the En Vivo! performance, in my opinion.

        I was actually trying to cut him some slack though by writing “nearly 5” and not “just over 3″…

      • I agree his performance, whilst very good, was not as great as the “En vivo!” one. πŸ™‚

  3. But musically, this might be the best version of Aces High that I’ve ever heard them do.

    • You’re right, but clearly Bruce just can’t cope with that song anymore. I look forward to it being retired and remaining a beautiful memory!

      • Well, I’d say he copes better than he did on Live After Death (the non-dubbed real live video version, not the overdubbed album version). πŸ™‚

      • I agree with Christer. I would take any of his renditions of ‘Aces high’ post reunion than the “Live after death” video one.

  4. downloaded it and checked some bits… sounds-looks great – dvd quality πŸ˜€ I’ll watch it in it’s entirety tomorrow…

  5. OMG !!!! THOSE BRILLIANT EXTRA GUITAR MELODIES DURING ACES HIGH !!! And bruce did such a nice job, during a pretty much off day on his behalf.. Faith in his abilities nowadays restored ! πŸ™‚

    • That bridge into and out of the solo in Aces High now sounds so badass that I’ll be hugely disappointed if there is no Shirley-mixed official product coming out from this tour…

  6. Just watching a bit of it. Seeing a few people in the crowd that I recognize from going to Maiden shows in Canada/USA/Europe over the last few years. Nice clarity on the video.

    • yeah and the sound is show much better than the rock in rio stream… what else to expect.. Germany = Efficiency

  7. If anyone has downloaded this performance without the stream breakdowns that happened now and then, I’d sure be interested. πŸ˜‰

    • I used the youtube downloader app and I got it from a 1080p version on Youtube… A few glitches here and there but nothing to much or too distracting… The glitches last for a tenth of a second and are only a handfull… But even if the version was full of glitches hey… We survived through live at donington 92 vhs πŸ˜›

      • Barely! πŸ˜€

        Can’t get the MacTube downloader to work… Search is no problem, but it “can’t start download”… Anyone savvy about this?

  8. @Ghost: I really hope for a Shirley-mixed recording from this tour, because that’s always the best way to gauge Bruce’s development. Do you think we can realistically hope for a live album/DVD/BD from the current tour?

    • I’d love to get one, but I am not sure they will release one. We know that some shows have been recorded, but they also did record some shows in previous tours that have yet to see the light of day.

      To be honest, after watching the HD broadcast again today, I think Bruce sounded really good the other day, even though a bit rough on some songs. Certainly better than on “Death on the road”. πŸ™‚

      • I’ll agree with that. And like I said, the rougher style (which has no alternative as he gets older) suits a lot of the material very well.

  9. I have to say, it was really great to hear Revelations again. But I just got the impression that for most of the “hits”, Bruce and Nicko especially seemed like they were just on autopilot.

    • I beg to differ. Bruce seemed to me his supercharged-energetic-frontman self. I thought the crowd was a bit dead though.

      • To be fair to the crowd, they are never mixed very high in such streams.

  10. I think they should have called Maiden England “The Singles Tour”… in 2012/13 there were 10 singles in the setlist, 9 this year. Subtract out the givens like Moonchild, SSOASS, FOTD and Iron Maiden and that’s over 2/3rds of the set…

  11. I was surprised that there was almost no small-talk between songs (or was it just edited out in the feed – there were some gaps here and there?). I’m waiting for news about a new studio album πŸ™‚

    • It’s in maiden’s style, not to talk too much (or at all sometimes) about their new record especially nowadays … They’re too private about that stuff and even in the final frontier that was leaked only a few weeks earlier, that made them mad especially rod and steve. For me they said all that needed to be said.. They hinted that they will work in another important project, that will make Maiden fans happy in fall (so what else than a studio album) and Bruce said that a new album is likely to come out in 2015… And Bruce hasn’t been too vocal on this tour, with the exeption of right before “afraid to shoot strangers” during 12-13, were he simply said generic stuff and how this song still is relevant (sadly) nowadays..

  12. At Novarock on Saturday, Maiden didn’t Play Wrathchild, making the setlist one song shorter.
    . Even though Bruce did not explicitely explain it, the reason for that was likely to be the Football game (England-Italy) that took place at midnight.
    . During the encores, Bruce wear a white English fooftball Jersey together with a frumpy jogging suit (or was it a pyjama?).

    • It seems that ‘Wrathchild’ was not played at the gig in Sofia today either., so the football had nothing to do with it..

      It is a shame when the band drops one song, especially a rarity like that one ( πŸ˜† ) but I am not going to sell my Sonisphere ticket. Roll on Knebworth!

      • Talking of the football and Knebworth, it was possible that England could be playing a WC quarter final at exactly the same time Maiden were on stage at Knebworth… They would have to win their group though, so I think there’s more chance of Maiden replacing Wrathchild with Alexander the Great!

      • I supposed that Maiden want to give their crew 5 more minutes to pack the stage before the game – any game – starts at midnight.

  13. I was looking forward to Wrathchild for at least the first show I am going to see next weekend (Bergen). Oh well.

    Who else is going to Bergen?

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