Vinyl re-release … Again!

live after death cover art

Iron Maiden’s celebrated 1980s catalog is set for another re-release this fall. UPDATED August 27!

Yes, you might exclaim “WTF?” … It’s been less than two years since the band rolled out their 1980s records on picture disc vinyl. But the recent aquisition of EMI by industry juggernaut Warner Music Group might have led to another couple of ideas further up the chain.

September 22 will see the release of the band’s debut album Iron Maiden, along with Killers and The Number Of The Beast, this time hopefully on 180g black vinyl.

The next three records follow on October 20: Piece Of Mind, Powerslave and Live After Death.

The big question is whether these vinyl versions will be printed from the original masters or the much loathed 1998 remasters. The 2012-13 picture discs were original masters, but the sound quality of picture discs doesn’t do them justice anyway.

What do you think? Money, money, money? Or happy to finally have a decent vinyl re-release to spin?

(There are also unconfirmed rumors that the early 1980s singles will see a vinyl re-release this fall.)

UPDATE AUGUST 27: The official site now confirms that the reissues will be 180g black vinyl printed from the original analogue master tapes, and that all the 1980s singles will be reissued on 7” vinyl. They also give updated release info – the first three records are out on October 13, the next three on October 27, and then Somewhere In Time and Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son round it off on November 24.


15 thoughts on “Vinyl re-release … Again!

    • You just listed 5 things they don’t need. Besides, just because vinyl’s back, doesn’t mean it’s dominant. Who’s going to buy it? Collectors and hipsters. Whoopee.

      Personally, I think this has a lot more to do with their constant catering to new fans and trying to keep the band one foot out of the grave. They’re getting older, their kids are getting older, and the question of retirement is like the sword of Damocles. Personally, I think they have a lot more life and music left in them, so I don’t hear the swan song just yet…

  1. Money, money, money, but I must admit I also work for money (even though I thoroughly enjoy my job). Shocking, I know. 🙂

    Anyway, I personally do not see the point in buying some LPs that I already have in their original releases. New album, please. 🙂

  2. If a 180g black vinyl release signals that Warner management will have a keener quality control from here on than what has often been the case with Maiden/EMI lately, then I’m ok with this being the start of it. That means original masters on 180g black vinyl and no fuck-ups in the packaging…

  3. I don’t know what to say , this is no good for collectors that actually have focus on all difrent relises out there all ready, and now this, it will not be nice price records.
    But will this goes for all recods 1980 – 2013 ?

  4. Well, someone somewhere will always be interested in making money. There are a number of things Maiden don’t really control because EMI is the other part of contract negotiations. This new re-release could certainly be Warner wanting to get something out of their new aquisition (EMI). Personally I think it’s a better idea than the picture discs. Maiden is one of very few bands of their status and age that hasn’t done anything with 180g black vinyl. They’re actually very late in catching on, and it could be speculated that Warner has been the catalyst…

  5. The official site now confirms that the reissues are black 180g vinyl of all the 1980s albums, from original analogue masters, and that all the 1980s 7” singles will also be reissued. RIGHT HERE!

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