Dickinson Speaks: “Maiden is the most important thing I have done.”


The one and only Bruce Dickinson spoke to BTMagasinet in Norway this summer, and gave some insight into how he views his incredible career.

The interview was done just ahead of Iron Maiden’s killer performance at Bergen Calling during this summer’s final leg of the Maiden England World Tour, and the singer claimed “this is the biggest show we’ve ever had on the road in Europe”, something fans will surely agree with after having witnessed a record number of Eddies and pyro.

Our review of the show is HERE.

Many eras and areas of Dickinson’s 30-plus years in the spotlight were covered, including the compulsory talk about flying airplanes (aren’t people getting a little tired of that bit…?). When asked if 30 000 feet or 30 000 fans were more exciting, he replied “the fans, of course!”

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The most exciting thing: Being on stage in front of the fans.

We all know how Bruce handles the stage, so his biggest worry this summer was that he had to pull an inflamed tooth and the dentist told him not to run around for a few days. “Easy for him to say…”

And if anyone out there wondered what part of his professional life Bruce Dickinson is the most proud of, here’s the answer in full:

“I’d have to say Iron Maiden. It’s been extraordinary, I can’t think of many other bands that have achieved the same thing. We’ve been going for 35 years and are only getting bigger. I’m also proud of the things I have done outside the band, but those things don’t touch millions of people.”
Bruce Dickinson

The full interview, in that very strange Norwegian language, is only available to subscribers at this link.


5 thoughts on “Dickinson Speaks: “Maiden is the most important thing I have done.”

  1. Personally i like very much his “compulsory talk” about flying. It’s Bruce and without his little hobby he would not be Bruce.

    • I didn’t mean Bruce was boring, he didn’t bring it up. It’s more that every journalist he talks to asks the same boring questions about his flying. “So, you’re a pilot?” A bit like the usual “So, Maiden are really big these days?” πŸ˜‰

    • No prob! Apart from the usual, I thought two things would interest Maiden fans: That Bruce definitely thinks the fans are more exciting than being 30 000 feet above, and that he thinks Maiden is the most important thing he has done. I haven’t personally heard or seen him say that before.

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