Blaze Bayley Interview


Greg Prato of Songfacts recently sat down for an in-depth conversation with Blaze Bayley about his new DVD and the ideas behind his Iron Maiden lyrics, among other things.

The former Maiden singer has released a batch of acclaimed records since he was fired from the band in early 1999. He does however reveal one of the sadnesses in his life: “I was working on the lyrics and melodies for a third Iron Maiden album when they fired me.”

Bayley’s dictaphone and notebooks were full of lyrics and melodies for songs like Stare At The Sun and Ghost In The Machine. His sadness is the fact that those tracks would never become Maiden tracks, but his pride is the fact that they did become tracks on his first solo album Silicon Messiah in 2000. Win some, lose some…

CLICK HERE for the full interview!

Lots of thanks to Greg Prato!


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