Black Vinyl Batch #2: Reviews

piece of mind cover art

The reissues of the next three classic Iron Maiden records on vinyl are here, and we take a look back in our retro reviews.

Many fans have been asking for this – 180g black vinyl reissues. The picture discs we got a couple of years ago were not made for listening to, but these new records are. If you never owned them, this is your chance. If you did own them, the new editions probably sound better.

This week sees the release of some hardcore classic Maiden albums on vinyl, and here are our retro reviews of them:

Piece Of Mind (1983)

Powerslave (1984)

Live After Death (1985)

You can also CLICK HERE for our in-depth discussion about the coming of a certain singer and a certain drummer, and the dawn of Maiden’s glorious classic era.

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