McBrain talks THE BOOK OF SOULS and next tour


In what is sure to be a growing stream of comments from the Iron Maiden camp about their new album and next tour, drummer Nicko McBrain chimes in.

Some of you will remember that Nicko is the man who described Fear Of The Dark, back in 1992, as “the best album we have ever done”. Needless to say, he is always enthusiastic about new Maiden music, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt until we get to hear and evaluate The Book Of Souls.

We’ve speculated about the upcoming album in this feature, but it’s always more exciting to hear even the tiniest bits of opinion from the people who already know the music and the future plans.

Nicko is open about his traditional love affair with new albums, talking to 98.7 The Gater: “Every time you make a record it’s the best you’ve ever made. This one, without a doubt, is the best record we’ve ever made. Sonically it’s brilliant. The compositions of the songs are fantastic.”

He also states that the next Maiden tour could stretch over two years, which wouldn’t be surprising given that the previous one did exactly that. Maiden started their Maiden England tour in the summer of 2012 and ended it in the summer of 2014, but we all know that Maiden only tour for a few months each year.

Source: Classic Rock.


One thought on “McBrain talks THE BOOK OF SOULS and next tour

  1. Janick also talked about the new album and the upcoming tour, but the entire interview has been removed. Probably on orders from management. 5 weeks till release, and there is next to no PR activity. Almost like Maiden don’t want any attention.

    But Ultimate Classic Rock have not removed their snippet of the interview.

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