Official teaser for THE BOOK OF SOULS

What do you think of this very short teaser for Maiden’s upcoming album?

The sound, the playing, which song is it?

Shout it out in comments, however you feel about this!

Let’s hope the official site will keep rolling out teasers for Maiden’s first album in 5 years. It’s only a few weeks away.


8 thoughts on “Official teaser for THE BOOK OF SOULS

  1. No idea what track this is from, but I assume maybe the opening cut? Does anyone know more about the limited edition book that comes with the CD package? I assume it is just a blank Maiden branded book.

  2. Would possibly be the first single, which is Speed Of Light. Definitely sounds like an Adrian piece to me.

  3. Fantastick !! i like the sound and the way they play its clasical Maiden, i feel its more in a direction of THE AWASOM Powerslave sound, ! I CAN’T WAIT to dive in gto this new stuff.

  4. Sepember 4th will involve a 92 minute drive for me so I can listen to the album, uninterrupted, in the car!

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