No refunds for complaining fans!


It seems that not just Maiden Revelations were critical of the sound quality at Friends Arena in Stockholm this summer…

Blabbermouth reports that promoter Live Nation conducted an “internal investigation” after the stream of complaints from Iron Maiden fans, but that there will be no refunds for concert goers who were unhappy with the sound quality.

Regular concert goer Per Svedenbring was utterly disappointed with Maiden’s sound production this summer, saying it was “the worst sound I’ve heard in 40 years.”

The no-refund outcome is probably a given, so it seems a little strange that Live Nation would do the investigation at all. “Sound experience is subjective,” the promoter claims, rather weakly. But at least they took the fans seriously enough to investigate the matter and conclude that the sound quality was “good enough”.

So, is “good enough” really the proper Maiden standard, Steve and Rod?

Click here for our review of this summer’s Maiden England concert at Friends Arena.

26 thoughts on “No refunds for complaining fans!

    • What’s new was obviously Doug Hall not doing the sound. But reports from the last US leg and South America indicate that the issue has been sorted out at last.

      • I know… but since when isn’t he with maiden ? I think I saw that new suck sound tech – engineer on en vivo documentary too … Which tour was the last with mrDoug ?

      • I can attest to that. The sound in Austin, TX was nothing short of glorious.

        I have a hard time swallowing that anyone in the band or management would accept “good enough.” That comment came from the promoter — obviously, he makes his judgements from his wallet.

    • “The final frontier” is definitely better than the dross that Rod and Steve considered to be “good enough” to be released during the 90s (the studio albums, not to mention the live ones)! πŸ˜† Hey, Rod even considered Steve’s productions skills “good enough”. πŸ˜†

      Therefore, considering what we had to endure during the 90s, the sound at Friends Arena certainly was nothing to complain (that much) about. πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰

      • I like the production of both xfactor cause it’s low sounding and dark the way a dark album should be, although I admit it could be better… .In some mobile devices I used to listen to music (phone, mp3 player etc), the sound wouldn’t go as high as I wanted to enjoy the music… Also I liked the production of virtual xi even though I think that steve with nigel didn’t do justice on the bass… and I consider every maiden album better than tff cause the other “bad albums” (fear of the dark, no prayer – In no way x factor and virtual are bad albums although they have a few bad tracks-) were at least shorter, went by quickly and their stronger moments (no prayer for the dying, assassin, fear of the dark, afraid to shoot, be quick or be dead, the fugitive, wasting love , judas be my guide, were wayyyy stronger than the good moments of tff… But I think it’s a matter of taste… Till they come back again with a good album I consider “amolad” a happy accident, (for me their best album).

      • Blimey! I never thought someone would ever mention ‘The assassin’ as a “stronger moment” in Maiden’s career… To each his own I guess.

      • I agree with that thing about the 90s, Ghost. But I also enjoy being quoted in international media. πŸ˜€

    • The first gig without Doug was the first show on the Maiden England tour in 2012. And that’s when the serious complaints about the sound started.

      • Although I agree the sound has been patchy lately, to be fair the shittiest live sound I have experienced at a Maiden gig was with Doug Hall as FOH. I can remember at least three shows (in 1998, 1999 and 2003) were the sound was worse than at any Maiden show I’ve been this year (Lisbon, Donington and Zagreb).

  1. There’s no doubt that Hall had shitty gigs from time to time. The difference now is that the complaints were consistent throughout the Maiden England tour.

  2. Well it ain’t as bad as you think and even if it is it goes by faster than the “man who would be king” for instance

      • I meant “until the cows come home”, obviously! I bet we will have to agree to disagree. πŸ˜‰

        You dislike “The final frontier”; I think it is much better than the material Maiden were churning out during the 90s. πŸ™‚ I guess I can say am luckier than you because I am enjoying their recent stuff… πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰

    • I also prefer AMOLAD to TFF, but I am really thankful of a reunion that is bringing me such joy. In 1998 I had given up hope…

  3. I guess there will be plenty of discussions in here when we get to articles about the 1990s in the near future. πŸ˜‰

  4. @Ms. Ray: Yes, this was the promotor speaking. But the sound issues were certainly Maiden’s responsibility, and they took over a year to sort them out it seems. Anyway, I wouldn’t put it past a band and managment that released the Dance Of Death artwork to sometimes settle for “good enough”… πŸ˜‰

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