FIRST SHOWS OF 2014 CONFIRMED: Rock Am Ring / Rock Im Park

rocamringThe first two Iron Maiden shows for 2014 are confirmed!

As we’ve just been speculating in our new Iron Maiden on tour 2014 article, the band are now confirmed to play the massive twin festivals Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park in Germany on the 5th – 9th of June.

Maiden last headlined the festival in 2003 and 2005. They will be joined by Kings of Leon, Linkin Park and Metallica.

From the official site:

“Maiden will be headlining one of the nights at the massive Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park Festivals in Germany between Thursday June 5 and Monday June 9. The other headliners are  Metallica, Kings of Leon and Linkin Park. Tickets go on sale Wednesday November 27th.

For ticketing and other details click here.

There will be more information and further announcements very soon… watch this space… that’s all we can say for now!”

The news is accompanied with a Maiden England picture. Can we assume that we will have a fourth Maiden England leg?

Tickets go on sale November 27th.

We’ll be back with more.



15 thoughts on “FIRST SHOWS OF 2014 CONFIRMED: Rock Am Ring / Rock Im Park

  1. Hope it’s not Maiden England again…. Hope it’s a very well thought and finally ballsy tour from Maiden as we haven’t seen one since 2010…. But those festivals are a huge attraction and simple logic suggests otherwise, (commercially speaking)… I really do hope they won’t “play it safe” once again and that we’ll get to see the “old” refreshing and challenging maiden once more..
    The bottom line is that personally I’d prefer a 1990s setlist than a Maiden england one…. I don’t think that many other fans would think the same way though…. :-/ nor Maiden…

    • I agree. Much as the ’90s were my least favourite period, I’d still rather hear those songs than another Maiden England set or the usual suspects. I’d prefer any combination of 2000s/rare gems/new songs… but there’s no chance of that!
      Still… Maiden playing anything is better than no Maiden at all!

      • I sort of agree with both of you. The 90s is easily my least favorite Maiden era, but I’d rather see some rarities from that period than the standards all over again. Don’t really know what to expect from their next set at all, after having been both thrilled and disappointed by the Maiden England selection…

    • You make a good point about festivals… but Maiden DID do a Euro festival tour in 2010 on a setlist with all but 6 tunes pulled from 2000-2010. So there is still hope!

  2. I think that it’s a great chance for Maiden to do whatever they want since it’s gonna be pretty much a loose concept … And it’s a chance for them to explore rarities since everyone’s happy when they play songs they haven’t played in a while according to various and many band interviews… If they let commercialism and logic out of this tour we may get a great and special Maiden tour as I think we all hope for.

  3. Also, I’d like to add that the Maiden England picture doesn’t necessarily mean anything. As some have suggested, it seems as though this press release was a bit rushed (probably due to festival managers putting pressure on the bands), and it’s likely that they just chose a recent photo. This has been done in the past as well.

  4. It’d be nice to hear some lesser played songs. Where Eagles Dare, Remember Tomorrow, 22 Acacia Avenue just to throw some suggestions in there.

      • I think the most likely setlist of the 2014 tour would be…
        01. Bring Your Daughter to the slaughter
        02. The Angel and The Gambler
        03. The apparition
        04. Invaders
        05. Gangland
        06. Chains of Misery
        07. Weekend Warrior
        08. Another Life
        09. Invasion
        10. Fates Warning
        11. That Girl
        12. Juanita
        13. Iron Maiden
        14. Black Bart Blues
        15. Women in Uniform
        16. Drifter

        NOT ! 😛

    • No, no, it’s Linkin Park that are lucky enough to share a bill with Maiden. Anyway, you don’t have to see Linkin Park. 😉

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