Happy Birthday, Bruce Dickinson!


The greatest singer in metal turns 56 today! We celebrate with one of his many incredible live performances.

They called him the Air-Raid Siren. But today, nearly 33 years since Bruce Dickinson first joined Iron Maiden, we know that he is so much more. As a singer, a songwriter, a live performer, pilot, fencer, author …

Yeah, you name it.

Bruce was fundamentally important to the dawn of Maiden’s classic era, which pretty much goes without saying when your first album with them is The Number Of The Beast. After Maiden’s humongously successful 1980s period, he left them in the 90s for an impressive solo career. And then he rejoined in 1999 for Maiden’s second golden age, which is now coming up on 15 years and counting.

We’ve raved about him earlier in this BEST & WORST feature on his live performances, so we’ll just raise a glass now and enjoy this incredible version of Revelations from the Flight 666 DVD:

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Bruce Dickinson!

    • Revelations was a highlight at Bergen Calling too. Along with The Prisoner, Phantom, Seventh Son and Aces High. I had honestly not expected him to sing either Aces or Revelations as well as he did this year.

  1. Perfect selection, as I believe “Revelations” was Bruce’s first major song contribution — and still a beautiful one, at that. The man’s immortal. Have the best, Captain Dickinson!!

    • Hadn’t thought of that! It’s the first tune he’s credited with writing on his own. πŸ™‚ Although he also co-wrote some songs on Beast the year before without being credited, Revelations is most definitely his first MAJOR contribution.

  2. @Ghost: I think that is very true, in a fundamentally important way. There had been nothing like Revelations before, Children Of The Damned probably being the closest, so it could be argued that Revelations set the course for some of Maiden’s most interesting developments in the mid-80s.

    As did Flight Of Icarus and To Tame A Land on the same record, come to think of it. Wow, Piece has always been one of my two faves, but now I have a whole new reason why. πŸ™‚

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