Bruce beats cancer, new Iron Maiden album coming this year!

bruce37Yes! Bruce is officially free of cancer! And Iron Maiden are about to get back to business.

The official Iron Maiden website announced today that singer Bruce Dickinson has been given the all-clear following a recent MRI scan. Which means that the cancer is gone!

Bruce thanks his medical team for the successful treatment, states that his family in many ways have had a tougher time than him, and also thanks the global Iron Maiden family for their support. “Right now, I’m feeling extremely motivated and can’t wait to get back to business as usual, as soon as I can!”

Manager Rod Smallwood adds that Bruce still needs a while to get back to full strength, and that Maiden’s next tour will not happen until 2016. Meanwhile, the release of the new album that Maiden recorded in Paris last year, “will definitely be this year” according to Smallwood.

Maiden fans rejoice! Bruce is ok! Maiden will be back! You will all hear new Maiden music in 2015!

Here’s the press release.


8 thoughts on “Bruce beats cancer, new Iron Maiden album coming this year!

  1. That’s a great deal, great expectations too. So I think new Maiden CD will be realeased not earlier than on autumn this year. I predict the first week of October, 4 to 5 months before starting the tour next year! UP THE IRONS!

  2. Great news! The Air Raid Siren conquers cancer, new album drops this year, and I’ll see Maiden for the first time next year (please God, boys, come to Boston, make a young man’s dream come true)!

    • Can’t make any guess about Boston, but it’s a sure thing that a proper US tour is coming up, it’s been 3 years since the last one. 🙂

      • Anywhere in Massachusetts or Rhode Island is doable, really. Hell, even Connecticut. I know they’ve been to Worcester a few times, and they’ve been to Mansfield the last few times they came this way, so there are plenty of venues they could appear at in my neck of the woods. If it’s anywhere remotely close to me, I’m going.

  3. Really great to hear that Bruce has beaten cancer! I am really looking forward to hearing their new album.

  4. Ive long thought that Our next tour will be the last proper album tour. Likely a farewell tour after that. Fuck knows how Bruce will fare now but even regardless of his illness I reckon Maiden are just about done. I dont think this for any performance related reasons but I just feel it in me gut, Daves mdidle aged woman haircut cemented it!!

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