New live DVD in the works!


Producer Kevin Shirley is mixing Iron Maiden right now.

It has become the habit for Iron Maiden to preserve every tour on a DVD. It hasn’t always resulted in a product, the 2005 Early Days show and the 2007 Donington performance being prime examples of lost DVDs, but the intention seems to be that every tour shall be documented.

Producer Kevin Shirley, Maiden’s go-to-guy since 2000, has revealed on his own Facebook page that he is mixing Iron Maiden right now. Well, what project could that be?


The hands that tweak the Iron Maiden sound. Kevin Shirley commands the console.

We reported earlier that Shirley was present for Maiden’s Donington performance this summer and that the show was to be mixed. Some rough-ish mixes have already turned up in these 20 minutes of Maiden mayhem that Sky posted:

Since then, Shirley has been on site for the recording of Maiden’s Sao Paulo and Rio concerts, right at the end of the Maiden England World Tour. So it seems that the Maiden camp have decided that the recently completed tour deserves a live release.

We would sure like an addition to the ever-growing pantheon of Iron Maiden concert videos! So we’re keeping fingers crossed for a great mix and decent editing.

But which concert is currently receiving the Shirley treatment? Which of the three would you rather see as an official live DVD?


31 thoughts on “New live DVD in the works!

    • Ghost, of the three possible shows, which one do you think had the best Maiden performance?

      Personally, I sure would like a DVD filmed somewhere other than South America at this point. And Donington featured the full production and lighting rig, unlike Rio. My only concern: Would the daylight be annoying?

      • I would say Donington, then Sao Paulo and then Rio. The latter did not include the full lighting rig.

  1. When will the madness end?! I say this as someone who loves Iron Maiden… This would be the DVD of the tour of the live DVD of the tour of the album (released 25 years ago). If these History tours are not to be considered a nostalgia fest, then their prime justification must be to let younger/new fans hear these songs played again. But those fans could buy Maiden England.
    I like the idea of tours being recorded for posterity, but couldn’t the management be a little more generous in their releases these days? A box set of all the Donington shows (as someone on here suggested) would be amazing. This DVD though will be an opportunity to buy the same set of songs for the third or fourth time.
    I think Maiden’s last couple of albums are the equal of anything they released in their “classic years”. If they have been active 6-9 months every recent year, I would much prefer to be getting a new album one year and tour the next.
    Given that the band didn’t do a ME live album in ’89 because of the closeness to LAD, etc, I wonder what they would have thought of their future selves milking the old tunes for cash like this.
    Apologies for the rant, I’m getting this off my chest before I run out to pick youngest up from nursery…

    • So you don’t want a DVD of the same old tunes, but you do want a box set with multiple versions of the same old tunes? I don’t see the logic there.

      They didn’t film the Somewhere In Time show and both band and fans regret it. And they didn’t do a proper live album for Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son, regretted it and finally put it out this year. I’m not sure they should be looking to the 1980s for advice on how to go about live album and concert video releases. In my opinion, they should absolutely have released Beast Over Hammersmith as album and video in 1982, a Somewhere On Tour video in 1987, and Maiden England as album plus the video in 1989, even with some old tunes ever present.

      Considering Maiden’s age and size, they are the most productive band in their league when it comes to new albums. So I’ll gladly take a DVD for every tour.

    • I agree with you that I’d rather have a new album instead (the stuff they have released since the reunion is as good as many of their 80s albums), but I’d really love to get a document from this tour, particularly from the record-breaking Donington gig.

  2. I’d like the chance to buy a box set instead of being asked to pay full price for a dvd of each and every tour. I know I don’t HAVE to buy them, but I am weak and I know I’ll pay up again, and again, and again!

    I take your point that Maiden are more creative and productive than Metallica, Sabbath, etc. But none of those bands, Sabbath included, is, in my opinion, coming close to their best with their C21st albums. Whereas Maiden are. They could be creating an amazing body of recording work, and touring it, instead of re-visiting the past.

    I think my core point is: every Maiden tour and release is great and better than not having anything from them. However, new albums and tours with new and old material together are, imo, infinitely preferable to revisits of old tours.

    • I’m sure you’ll get box sets down the road! πŸ˜‰ But holding off on live recordings until the point where a big, fat box set could be done? Not sure many fans would appreciate the 12-15 years of listening to sub-par bootlegs while waiting for the real deal…

      Some fans sure dislike the History tours, but judging by ticket sales they’re a minority. I’m in the group of fans that like them. If it was all Maiden did, I’d absolutely be on your side. But since Maiden release new albums regularly, tour them and do DVDs of those shows, I get the best of both worlds the way I see it. I’d be disappointed if this line-up didn’t take advantage of Live After Death and Maiden England for touring. After being starved on good renditions of 1980s material in the 1990s (without Adrian and Bruce), not revisiting the past would have been a travesty in my opinion.

      And then there’s this point: I just don’t think an alternate reality where Maiden did studio albums every 1,5 or 2 years was ever a possibility post-2000. Part of the reason they’re even around fifteen years after reuniting most surely be the fact that they don’t spend as much of their time writing and recording as they did in the 80s.

      3-4 years between albums was as good as it was likely to get, since the guys also like their peace of mind. Too much studio work would put a strain on it, as the 80s demonstrated. I think the time between new albums is one of the reasons for their longevity in the new millenium.

      • Well-argued as always Christer! As I said, this kind of Maiden is better than no Maiden, and also better than the Maiden of the ’90s. And as you imply, a bunch of guys in their 50s, with at least a couple of sometimes competing personalities(!), might prefer to spread out the creative endeavours for the sake of their sanity! You win Christer πŸ˜‰

  3. Hehe, it’s not a competition, 2Mins! I absolutely feel your pain when it comes to yet another presentation of The Trooper, 2 Minutes To Midnight and The Number Of The Beast. πŸ™‚

    If the Maiden England set had been more different from the past two tours, as represented by Flight 666 and En Vivo!, a DVD would have had more merit. As you say, there will be so many of the usual suspects, and I thought the 2011 tour dropped the ball on that to be honest.

    What do we have? Songs not previously available as live recordings by the current line-up: The Prisoner, Afraid To Shoot Strangers, Phantom Of The Opera, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son. If us people in here had a say there would be at least a couple more, but it’s not without merit.

    In my opinion, this tour’s rendition of Moonchild was also better than 2008. Any other reasons why a DVD could be worth our money?

      • Ah, come on, Ghost! You need to be a bit nerdier than that! πŸ˜€ Any of the songs better than their Flight 666 incarnations, in your opinion?

      • Well, ‘The prisoner’, ‘Seventh son of a seventh son’, ‘Afraid to shoot strangers’ and ‘Phantom of the opera’ were worth the admission price alone. πŸ™‚

        I kind of liked the laid back approach they took for ‘Moonchild’ in 2008, but I think it was more bombastic this year. πŸ™‚

        On a related note, you might find this interview interesting:


  4. Great link Ghost! Cheers! I can’t say I’m not a bit dissapointed that the two songs Bruce mentioned have been played semi-regularly recently…

    • I agree ‘Revelations’ has been played semi-regularly (GMETID tour in 2003, The Early Days tour in 2005, SBIT tour in 2008), but ‘Children of the damned’ has not been played that much (3 shows in 2002, the short run of gigs in Europe in 2007 and the last leg of SBIT in 2009). I was lucky enough to enjoy an absolutely amazing version of the song in Bilbao in 2007, but is has been a bit of a rarity in their setlists.

  5. That is pretty awesome that he says “Maiden fans won’t be dissapointed” in response to a new album/90s history tour. This guy is asking all the right questions!

  6. Cheers, Ghost! Easily the best Bruce interview I’ve seen since before The Final Frontier. How come so many interviewers fail to ask questions like these, about the material and the future and his singing?

    What to take from it, though? He reconfirms that there will be another album, at some point. And he also pretty much confirms that Maiden will be touring next year, but won’t even give a hint what sort of concept it will be. Back in 2009 the word from the camp was that the next History move was obvious, read: Maiden England. Doesn’t seem so obvious this time.

    And he’s always helpless with albums, songs and years. So funny how he says he misses the Powerslave stuff and mentions Children Of The Damned and Revelations… πŸ˜€

    • My pleasure mate!

      To be fair to Bruce, he mentions ‘songs from the early days’ after “Powerslave” and before then namechecking ‘Children of the damned’ and ‘Revelations’. πŸ˜‰

  7. Btw, Ghost, you got a knack for finding these interviews. Want a non-profit job for Maiden Revelations? The hunter of Dickinson interviews? πŸ˜€

    • I am always happy to post interesting information as I know you are (like me) suckers for this type of material. πŸ˜‰

      • We’ll write up a post about Bruce’s info in that interview, with due credit coming your way! πŸ™‚

        Let us know if you feel like writing any kind of feature for us, about anything Maiden that would get you going.

  8. Having watched some Donny ’13 footage on YouTube today, I sure hope they’re going for that one. First DVD not from South America since Death On The Road is one reason. Full production is another. And damn, I even think the version of Fear Of The Dark is rocking…

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